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Industrial Company

For over two decades, industries worldwide have entrusted Cleantek as their premier solution provider. Our enduring commitment and excellence have made us the go-to partner for transformative industrial cleaning solutions.
About The Company

Infusing dynamic change into an industry at a standstill, we are catalysts for transformation, revolutionizing norms and revitalizing the landscape.

Cleantek pioneers cutting-edge industrial cleaning solutions, specializing in manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, and innovative cleaning equipment for over 17 years. Delivering excellence, every clean.

Our Story

With a proud legacy of 17 years, we stand as dedicated manufacturers specializing in industrial vacuum cleaners and related equipment. Throughout our journey, our commitment to excellence has been unwavering. We take pride in our role as leaders in the field, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the manufacturing of cutting-edge industrial vacuum cleaners.


At Cleantek, our vision is to revolutionize industrial cleaning solutions through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. We aspire to be global leaders, delivering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we envision a future where our advanced solutions redefine the industrial cleaning landscape, ensuring safer, healthier work environments worldwide.

Core Value

At Cleantek, our core values define the essence of who we are and guide every aspect of our operations. Innovation fuels our drive to continuously redefine industry standards, while integrity forms the bedrock of transparent and trustworthy relationships with our clients, partners, and employees.

We are committed to delivering products of unparalleled quality, prioritizing the unique needs of our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Sustainability is ingrained in our practices, and we actively seek collaborative opportunities to achieve collective success. Adaptability, employee empowerment, and a customer-centric approach are woven into the fabric of our culture, creating a resilient foundation for Cleantek.


Cleantek India

As leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India, Cleantek epitomizes innovation and precision. Specializing in crafting cutting-edge solutions, our firm is at the forefront of the industry, delivering superior quality and performance.

With a commitment to excellence, we redefine standards, contributing to the thriving landscape of vacuum technology in India and beyond.

As manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, we specialize in crafting high-quality, innovative cleaning solutions to meet diverse needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-notch performance and reliability in every product we create.
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