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Scrubber driers are indispensable in industrial applications for their ability to efficiently clean and dry large floor surfaces in a single pass. These machines combine the functions of scrubbing, vacuuming, and drying, making them ideal for maintaining cleanliness in factories, warehouses, and production facilities. Equipped with powerful brushes and squeegees, scrubber driers effectively remove dirt, grime, and spills from various floor types, including concrete, tile, and epoxy-coated surfaces. 



The integration of advanced technologies, such as automated water and detergent distribution, enhances their cleaning efficiency while minimizing water and chemical usage, contributing to sustainability efforts. Industrial scrubber driers are designed for durability and ease of use, featuring robust construction and user-friendly controls to withstand the demanding environments of industrial settings. Cleantek manufacturing various model of floor cleaning scrubber drier.


  • Industrial scrubber driers
  • Efficient floor cleaning machines
  • Industrial floor maintenance solutions
  • Walk behind scrubber drier
  • Ride on scrubber drier



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