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Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Fume Extractor

Plasma Fume Extraction System:


The Cleantek plasma cutting fume extraction system is a critical solution for managing air quality in industrial environments where plasma cutting is performed. Plasma cutting generates a significant amount of fumes and particulate matter, which can pose serious health risks to workers and affect the overall cleanliness of the workspace. Cleantek advanced fume extraction system is designed to efficiently capture and filter out these hazardous emissions, ensuring a safer and healthier work environment.



Equipped with high-efficiency filters and powerful suction capabilities, the Cleantek plasma cutting fume extraction system effectively removes toxic fumes and fine dust particles from the air. This not only protects workers from respiratory issues but also complies with stringent industrial air quality regulations. The system is engineered for durability and reliability, capable of continuous operation in demanding industrial settings. By maintaining a clean workspace, it also helps in prolonging the life of cutting equipment and improving the quality of the finished products.



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