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Personnel Cleaning Station

Personnel cleaning stations: High-efficiency cleaning for controlled environments:


These stations, also known as worker decontamination units or wall-mounted vacuum cleaning systems, are designated areas where personnel can clean and sanitize themselves before entering critical environments. They utilize specialized industrial vacuums or air knife systems integrated into a wall-mounted unit.  These stations are vital in industries with strict cleanliness protocols, such as healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing plants, or cleanroom environments.



Cleantek personnel cleaning station systems play a crucial role in maintaining a sterile or controlled environment by effectively removing contaminants that could compromise product quality, research outcomes, or the safety of personnel working in these environments. 

High-powered personnel decontamination systems are crucial for maintaining a clean work environment, preventing contaminant transfer, and ensuring those entering sensitive areas are thoroughly cleaned.  They are commonly used in settings like cleanrooms, laboratories, sterile manufacturing facilities, and healthcare settings where minimizing cross-contamination is paramount.


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