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Air Knife

Air knives: Efficient drying for bottling plants and packaging lines:


These innovative industrial air knives are not actual blades, but rather compressed air systems shaped like a knife. They expel a targeted, high-velocity air stream to remove moisture and debris from containers like bottles and packaged products after washing or during production.



In bottling facilities, maintaining cleanliness and controlling moisture are crucial for ensuring product quality. After washing, bottles often retain residual water. Air knife systems effectively address this by swiftly eliminating moisture with a high-velocity air jet. The air streams out from a thin, elongated nozzle, creating a laminar flow that efficiently "shears off" water droplets from bottles on a conveyor belt. This process ensures bottles are dried thoroughly before filling, preventing water spots and contamination.


Similarly, packaging lines leverage air knives for drying products before packaging. Whether it's food items, containers, or other goods, these devices offer a quick and efficient drying solution. They help maintain product integrity by ensuring they are free from moisture, which could potentially lead to spoilage or damage during storage or transportation.


Air knife designs are versatile and can be tailored to various applications. Some models utilize compressed air, while others employ high-speed fans to generate the required airflow. They are also customizable in size and shape to fit specific production line needs. Additionally, adjustable nozzles and airflow control mechanisms allow for precise drying of different containers or products.

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