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Plasm Fume Extraction:


Cleantek offers a variety of CNC plasma fume extractors designed to efficiently capture and remove hazardous fumes and particulates generated during CNC plasma cutting processes. Our portable CNC plasma fume extractors provide flexible and mobile solutions, ensuring that fumes are effectively captured at the source, enhancing air quality and protecting worker health. For heavy-duty industrial applications, our high-efficiency downdraft table fume extractors are integrated with CNC plasma cutting tables, ensuring comprehensive fume extraction across the entire work surface. These systems are equipped with powerful suction capabilities and advanced filtration technology, including HEPA filters, to ensure the removal of fine particulates and toxic gases.



 Cleantek central fume extraction systems offer scalable solutions for large-scale operations, with centralized units that can service multiple CNC plasma cutting machines, reducing maintenance and operational costs. Each type of fume extractor is designed for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, ensuring continuous and reliable operation in demanding environments. Trust Cleantek CNC plasma fume extractors to provide superior air quality management, safeguard your workforce, and maintain compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

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