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Cleantek offers state-of-the-art dry paint booths and wet paint booths, designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial painting applications. These booths are essential for achieving high-quality finishes while maintaining a clean and safe working environment. The Cleantek dry paint booth utilizes advanced filtration systems to capture overspray and airborne particles, ensuring that the painting area remains free of contaminants. This not only enhances the quality of the paint finish but also protects workers from inhaling harmful fumes and particles. Ideal for industries such as automotive, furniture, and machinery manufacturing, the dry paint booth offers efficient and reliable performance, contributing to higher productivity and superior end products.


Paint Booth Manufacturers


The Cleantek wet paint booth, on the other hand, employs a water curtain or water filtration system to trap and remove overspray particles from the air. This type of booth is particularly effective in handling high-volume paint jobs and applications involving solvent-based paints. The wet paint booth ensures that excess paint is efficiently washed away, preventing buildup and reducing the risk of fire hazards. Additionally, it provides a controlled environment that minimizes dust and other airborne contaminants, resulting in a smooth and flawless paint finish. The wet paint booth is ideal for industries requiring stringent quality control and environmental standards.


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