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Cleantek manufacturing comprehensive range of submerged arc welding flux recovery units designed to enhance efficiency and reduce waste in welding operations. Our pneumatic flux recovery units use powerful suction to reclaim unused flux, ensuring a clean work area and significant cost savings by reducing flux consumption. For high-volume welding applications, our electric flux recovery units provide continuous and automatic recovery, featuring robust construction and advanced filtration systems to ensure maximum flux recycling efficiency. Cleantek's portable flux recovery units offer flexibility and mobility, allowing easy movement between different welding stations and ensuring efficient flux recovery in various operational settings. 


Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery Unit: Enhancing Welding Efficiency and Quality:

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is a highly efficient welding process widely used in heavy industrial applications. One of the critical components that enhance the efficiency and quality of SAW is the flux recovery unit. This system is designed to collect, clean, and recycle the unused welding flux, reducing waste and improving cost-effectiveness.


How Submerged Arc Welding Flux Recovery Units Work:

During the SAW process, a blanket of granular flux covers the weld area, protecting the molten weld pool from atmospheric contamination. Not all the flux is consumed; a significant portion remains unused. The flux recovery unit collects this unused flux, cleans it of any contaminants, and recycles it back into the welding process.

  • Collection: The recovery unit uses a vacuum system to collect the unused flux from the weld area.
  • Separation: The collected flux is separated from dust, debris, and slag particles using sieves or magnetic separators.
  • Recycling: The cleaned flux is then ready to be reused, maintaining its chemical properties and effectiveness.
  • Cost Savings: By recycling the unused flux, welding operations can significantly reduce the cost associated with purchasing new flux materials. This leads to substantial savings over time.
Flux Recovery Unit

Cleantek central flux recovery systems are ideal for large-scale welding operations, with a centralized recovery unit servicing multiple welding stations, optimizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Each type of submerged arc welding flux recovery unit is engineered with precision, incorporating user-friendly controls, low maintenance requirements, and energy-efficient operation. By choosing Cleantek flux recovery units, you ensure a cleaner work environment, enhanced welding quality, and significant cost savings, making them an essential component for any welding operation.


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