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Cleantek manufacturing a diverse range of impeller fans, each meticulously engineered to meet the varying demands of industrial applications. Our centrifugal impeller fans are designed for high-performance air movement, making them ideal for ventilation, cooling, and exhaust systems in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings. The axial impeller fans, known for their efficient airflow and low power consumption, are perfect for applications requiring direct air movement with minimal resistance. For environments demanding robust and durable solutions, our backward-curved impeller fans provide superior performance and reliability, effectively handling high static pressures and ensuring long-term operational efficiency. 



Impeller Fan

Cleantek impeller fans are manufactured using premium materials and advanced technology, ensuring optimal durability and efficiency. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit specific requirements, including high-temperature and corrosive environments. With a focus on energy efficiency and noise reduction, our impeller fans are designed to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing operational costs. Trust Cleantek impeller fans for reliable and efficient air movement solutions tailored to your industrial needs.


Centrifugal blowers use different types of impeller fans, each designed to meet specific application needs. Here are the main types of impeller fans available for centrifugal blowers:


Forward Curved Impeller (Centrifugal Fan):


  • Design: Blades are curved in the direction of rotation.
  • Characteristics: Produces high airflow at low pressure; operates quietly.
  • Applications: HVAC systems, low-pressure air movement, ventilation.


Backward Curved Impeller (Centrifugal Fan):


  • Design: Blades are curved opposite to the direction of rotation.
  • Characteristics: Higher efficiency and pressure; quieter than radial impellers; self-cleaning as dust does not accumulate on blades.
  • Applications: Industrial applications requiring high pressure, HVAC systems, dust collection systems.


Backward Inclined Impeller:


  • Design: Blades are flat and inclined backward.
  • Characteristics: Similar to backward curved impellers but typically offer even higher efficiency and quieter operation.
  • Applications: Industrial and commercial HVAC systems, process ventilation.


Radial Impeller:


  • Design: Blades extend straight out from the hub, perpendicular to the rotation.
  • Characteristics: Capable of handling high-pressure applications; rugged and durable; not as efficient or quiet as other designs.
  • Applications: Material handling, dust collection, pneumatic conveying.


Radial Tip Impeller:


  • Design: A hybrid between radial and backward curved impellers, with blades having a radial tip.
  • Characteristics: Combines the high pressure of radial impellers with improved efficiency.
  • Applications: Industrial processes requiring both high pressure and efficiency.


Airfoil Impeller:


  • Design: Blades are shaped like an airfoil, similar to an airplane wing.
  • Characteristics: Highest efficiency and lowest noise levels; produces high pressure and airflow.
  • Applications: High-efficiency HVAC systems, clean air applications, where energy efficiency is critical.


Each type of impeller fan has its advantages and is chosen based on the specific requirements of the application, such as the desired airflow, pressure, efficiency, noise level, and the nature of the material being moved. Cleantek manufacturing various model fan blowers as per client air volume and pressure requirement. Please contact us for your requirements.

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