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Smoke Wet Scrubber

Smoke Wet Scrubber

₹ 3,50,000.00 - ₹ 11,56,320.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • WS1000
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  • India
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  • 4.5 (in 124 reviews)
Cleantek Wet Scrubbers are advanced air pollution control devices designed to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust streams. These systems utilize a liquid (usually water) to capture and neutraliz

Wet Scrubber:

Cleantek is an Technology leader in India Manufacturing all kind of Air pollution control equipment as well as Water Treatment air blowers. Cleantek design and manufacturing wet scrubber for acidic and highly hazardous fumes and dust extraction from industrial exhaust gases.Wet scrubbers are a air pollution control equipment used to remove a variety of air pollutants from exhaust gas from melting furnaces,plastic film making industries,Rubber processing industries etc...

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Smoke Wet scrubber manufacturers:


Cleantek smoke Wet scrubbers are commonly used in industries such as power plants, chemical manufacturing, steel mills, waste incinerators, and refineries, where emissions control is critical to meet environmental regulations and protect human health. They are often chosen because they can handle high-temperature and high-flow gas streams and are effective for a wide range of pollutants.


Wet Scrubber

Smoke wet scrubber Working principle:


A partially enclosed cylindrical or rectangular shaped unit is made with fibre with special coating or non corrosive material.Liquid spraying from top of the scrubber unit and polluted gas stream distributed from bottom of the scrubber unit. Gas passed threw the Liquid spraying zone and here dust particles are removed from gas streams. 


This system also used for the fume absorption hence it is very useful in fume extraction system. It removes all air pollutants by inertia of diffusional impaction and reactions with absorbent. Pure air is moved top side and exhausted threw blower fan.

Cleantek Wet Scrubbers are advanced air pollution control devices designed to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust streams. These systems utilize a liquid (usually water) to capture and neutralize harmful particulates, gases, and vapors.


Cleantek Wet Scrubbers can handle a wide variety of pollutants, including dust, fumes, smoke, and gaseous contaminants. They are effective in removing both particulate matter and soluble gases from exhaust streams.


These scrubbers are capable of achieving high removal efficiencies, often exceeding 90% for particulates and many types of gases. This makes them suitable for industries with stringent air quality regulations.


Cleantek offers customized Smoke wet scrubber solutions tailored to the specific needs of different industries and applications. The scrubbers can be designed to accommodate various airflow rates, types of pollutants, and operational requirements.

Cleantek Wet Scrubbers can be scaled to fit small, medium, or large industrial operations, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from effective air pollution control.


Wet Scrubber Features:


  • More collection & neutralization of gas pollutants & solid particles
  • Hazardous fumes are collected
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimum emission level
  • Compact in size & easy to operate
  • Handling with high temperature gases also
  • Wet scrubber price is comparatively low with other systems
  • Dust control level approximately Dust is < 10 mg/m3


  • Advanced Technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Optimised performance
  • High efficiency

Smoke Wet scrubbers can effectively remove formaldehyde from air emissions. They work by passing contaminated air through a scrubbing solution, often water or another liquid, which absorbs the formaldehyde molecules. The scrubbing solution reacts with the formaldehyde, neutralizing it or converting it into less harmful compounds.


However, the efficiency of a wet scrubber in neutralizing formaldehyde can depend on various factors such as the concentration of formaldehyde, the design and efficiency of the scrubber, the contact time between the air and the scrubbing solution, and the operating conditions.


It's important to ensure that the scrubber is properly designed and maintained to effectively neutralize formaldehyde and to comply with regulatory standards if used in an industrial or commercial setting.


Cleantek Wet Scrubbers provide an effective, reliable, and customizable solution for controlling air pollution in various industrial settings. With their high efficiency, durable construction, low maintenance requirements, and advanced technology, these scrubbers help industries meet regulatory standards, protect worker health, and minimize their environmental impact. Whether for small-scale operations or large industrial plants, Cleantek Wet Scrubbers offer a robust solution for maintaining air quality and ensuring sustainable industrial practices.

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