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Welding Fume Extractor FE500

Welding Fume Extractor FE500

₹ 1,45,000.00 - ₹ 2,50,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • FE500
  • Make:
  • India
  • User Ratings:
  • 4.5 (in 131 reviews)
Cleantek welding fume extractor offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining a safe and healthy environment in welding facilities with multiple workstations.

Welding fumes are a hazardous contents of gases and fine dust particles.These are breathed in through the mouth and nose of workers in shop and work floor. World Health Organization point out lung cancer is caused by this welding fumes.Also gases in welding fumes present further risks to workers health.Very micro substances of welding dust and fume which can injure the respiratory tract, trigger asthma, suffocation, cancer risk etc.


Welding Fume Extractor used with suction arm to collect dust particles and fumes from welding process.So welding fume Extraction or exhaust is mandatory for all kind of welding and other kind of welding process.

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Welding Fume Extractor with Suction Arm:


Cleantek is a prominent manufacturer known for its advanced welding fume extractors with suction arm, designed to enhance workplace safety and environmental sustainability. Welding processes often produce hazardous fumes, welding smoke, and particulates that can pose significant health risks to workers. Cleantek welding fume extractors address this issue by providing effective and efficient solutions for welding fume extraction, capturing and filtering out these dangerous pollutants.


Cleantek manufactures a wide range of welding fume extractors, including dual arm welding fume extractors that can work with two suction points simultaneously. These machines are constructed with a larger filtration area to manage the dust load effectively. Each welding fume extractor features a three-layer/stage filtration system to achieve a 99% filtration level. Moveable wheels are fitted for easy relocation of the machine. The electrostatic filter assures a 99.9% filtration level at 0.3-micron level, while the pre-filter filters the fine dust and metal debris.


Activated Carbon filter / Charcoal filter hold the hazardous fine dust and fume particles. These filter to be replaced every 4 to 5 months once depends upon the working. Cleantek manufacturing centralized welding fume extraction for welding automation applications. Pipeline connects the each welding fume points to one centralized welding fume purifier.

Welding fume extractor


Effects of welding fume:


  • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and chest
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bronchitis
  • Fluid in the lungs (edema)
  • Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonitis)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cramps
  • Nausea / vomiting


Some short-term health effects of welding fume :


Welding Fume Extractor
  • Chronic lung problems (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, silicosis)
  • Lung cancer
  • Cancer of the larynx
  • Cancer of the urinary tract


Other health problems that may be related to welding fumes are:


  • Skin diseases
  • Hearing loss
  • Gastritis, Ulcers of the stomach
  • Kidney damage
  • Heart disease


Welding fumes can pose significant health risks to individuals who are exposed to them. These fumes are a complex mixture of metal oxides, gases, and particles that are generated during the welding process. The specific health risks associated with welding fumes can vary depending on the type of welding, the materials being welded, and the conditions under which the welding is performed. 


Employers and workers should be aware of the specific hazards associated with the welding processes and materials they work with and take the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.


CLEANTEK Welding Fume Extractors crafted to rigorous quality benchmarks. Our extraction systems, employing suction arms, safeguard human health by eliminating welding smoke, ensuring a safe workspace. Not just that, they maintain machine purity, enhancing product integrity. Benefit from our punctual delivery commitments. Explore our diverse range, including portable, stationary models, self-supporting arms, custom ventilation, exhaust units, and centralized multipoint extraction for versatile applications.




Welding Fume Extractor Machine Features:


  • Easy to move one place to another place.
  • Suitable for continuous working without any trouble. CE approved induction motor for energy efficiency.
  • High rate of suction airflow and purifying efficiency is more than 99.9 % and pure air is discharge to workshop atmosphere.
  • Electronic panel board for  Filter cleaning stage  warning.
  • Spark arrester, Multi stage filters and Electrostatic filter is easy to clean.
  • Our Mobile soldering Fume Extractor helps to maintain pollution free atmosphere in work place.



  • Welding safety
  • Cleaner and healthier work environment
  • Keeping workplace fume free
  • Increase workers confidence and productivity
  • Improved worker morale and productivity

A welding fume extractor is a device designed to remove harmful fumes, gases, and particulates generated during welding processes. When metals are welded, heated, and fused together, they produce fumes that contain various hazardous substances, including metal oxides, gases, and other potentially toxic elements. Welding fumes can lead to a range of respiratory problems, including acute and chronic conditions such as metal fume fever, bronchitis, and occupational asthma. 


The fine particulate matter in welding fumes can irritate the respiratory system and lead to inflammation and reduced lung function. Some welding processes, such as welding on stainless steel or other metals containing chromium, nickel, or other toxic elements, can produce fumes that, if inhaled, may lead to metal poisoning. Prolonged exposure to these fumes can cause long-term health issues. 


There is evidence to suggest that exposure to certain welding fumes, such as those from welding on mild steel, may be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. Chromium and nickel fumes, in particular, have been linked to lung cancer when inhaled in large quantities over extended periods. Inhaling certain welding fumes, such as manganese, can lead to neurological issues, including manganese, which has symptoms resembling Parkinson's disease. Welders exposed to high levels of manganese fumes are at risk of developing these neurodegenerative disorders.


The extractor works by suck the contaminated air and passing it through filters or other purification systems to capture and remove the fumes and particles. It helps in maintaining a cleaner and safer work environment by reducing the risk of inhaling hazardous fumes, thus protecting the health of welders and other personnel in the vicinity.


The use of a welding fume extractor is crucial in various industries where welding is a common practice, such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, and metalworking. It aids in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations by minimizing exposure to harmful welding fumes, promoting better air quality, and safeguarding the well-being of workers.


Technical Parameters

Welding Fume Extractor Model FE500E


Motor Power

3.7 Kw



Portable Model


Filtration Stage

Four Stage Filtration

  • Spare Arrester
  • Pre Filter
  • Electrostatic Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • HEPA Filter ( Optional)


Suction Arm Diameter

Dia 200 mm


Cleaning Indication



Filtration Efficiency

99.9 %

Shipping available

All over the World

100% Made In India

Respecting natur

Safety And Quality

Delivery within 5
business days