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Laser Dust Collector LDC7000

Laser Dust Collector LDC7000

₹ 29,500.00 - ₹ 7,75,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • Laser Dust Collector LDC7000
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  • India
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  • 4.6 (in 107 reviews)
Cleantek's custom-made laser dust collection system transformed the client's laser cutting operations. The system provided a cost-effective, efficient, and safe solution for managing laser fumes and d

Ensure a safer and healthier workplace environment with Cleantek's Laser Dust Collector LDC700 model, designed to effectively remove hazardous fumes, gases, and particulates produced during laser cutting, engraving, marking, or welding operations. These specialized systems play a crucial role in safeguarding operators by capturing and filtering harmful emissions right at the source.

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Dust collector for laser cutting machine:


Laser Dust Collector Equipped with advanced filtration systems including pre-filters, specialized filters, the Cleantek LDC700 efficiently captures a wide range of contaminants such as fine particulates, gases, and fumes generated during laser processes. The units employ extraction mechanisms like extraction hood, spark arrester, or ducted systems strategically positioned near the laser processing area to ensure direct capture of emissions.


Laser Dust collector LDC7000

Key features include monitoring systems for filter efficiency, filter change indicators, automatic shut-off capabilities, and spark arrestors, enhancing operational safety and efficiency. By effectively removing hazardous fumes and particulates, these extractors not only protect operators from exposure to harmful emissions but also contribute to maintaining the operational efficiency and longevity of laser equipment.


Cleantek Laser Dust Collectors are essential across various industries including manufacturing, electronics, medical device production, and research laboratories where laser-based processes are integral. These high-quality systems not only prioritize employee health but also demonstrate a commitment to workplace safety and responsible industrial practices in laser-based manufacturing.


Laser cutting and engraving are powerful tools, yet they generate harmful dust and fumes as byproducts. These microscopic particles pose serious health risks to operators and can pollute the environment. Cleantek's Laser Dust Collectors act as silent guardians, efficiently whisking away contaminants before they can cause harm, ensuring a cleaner and healthier workspace for all.


Advanced Filtration System: Includes pre-filters, Specialized filters to effectively capture fine particulates, gases, and fumes generated during laser processes.

Extraction Mechanisms: Utilizes hoods, or ducted systems positioned near the laser processing area for direct capture of emissions.

Monitoring and Safety Features: Equipped with filter efficiency monitoring systems, filter change indicators, automatic shut-off features, and spark arrestors to ensure operational safety and efficiency.

Compact and Efficient Design: Designed for easy integration into existing setups with minimal space requirements, enhancing workspace ergonomics.

Low Noise Operation: Operates quietly to minimize workplace disruption during operation.


Enhanced Workplace Safety: Removes hazardous fumes and particulates, reducing the risk of operator exposure to harmful emissions and promoting a safer working environment.

Maintains Equipment Efficiency: Prevents damage to laser equipment by filtering out harmful contaminants, thus extending equipment lifespan and maintaining operational efficiency.

Compliance and Regulation: Helps businesses comply with workplace safety regulations and standards regarding air quality and emissions.

Cost Savings: Reduces operational costs associated with maintenance and potential equipment damage, optimizing overall production efficiency.

Healthier Work Environment: Contributes to cleaner indoor air quality, fostering a healthier and more productive workspace for employees.

Cleantek's Laser Dust Collector LDC700 model stands at the forefront of industrial safety and efficiency, addressing the critical need to mitigate airborne contaminants in laser-based manufacturing processes. By integrating advanced filtration technologies and robust extraction mechanisms, this system ensures that harmful fumes and particulates are effectively captured and filtered right at the source. Its compact design and comprehensive monitoring features not only enhance operational safety but also streamline maintenance, making it an ideal choice for industries where laser cutting, engraving, marking, or welding operations are performed. Cleantek's Laser Dust Collector LDC700 to safeguard your workforce, protect your equipment investment, and uphold stringent environmental and safety standards in laser-based applications.

SNParametersModel LDC700
1Motor power7.5 Hp
2Airflow6000  CMH
3Pressure500 pa
4Power supply415 V / 50 Hz
5Motor speed2880 Rpm
6ApplicationContinuous duty-Laser Smoke Filtration
7Filtration methodCatridge filters with spark arrestor
8No of filters9 No’s
9Filter SizeØ 327mm X 905mm
10Filter area90 m²
11Suction inlet300 mm 
12Cleaning MethodAutomatic pulse cleaning
13Weight700 kg

Custom Laser Dust Collection System for Laser Machine Manufacturer:


Client: Laser Machine Manufacturer from South India


Industry: Laser Cutting and Manufacturing


Problem: The client faced significant challenges related to laser fume and dust generation during the laser cutting process. Their previous solutions involved purchasing high-priced, foreign-made dust collection systems, which were not customizable to their specific needs. This led to several issues:


  1. High Costs: The high price of foreign dust collection systems increased overall operational costs.
  2. Lack of Customization: The inability to obtain custom-made models meant the systems were not optimized for their specific requirements.
  3. Pollution Issues: Ineffective dust collection led to pollution inside the factory, impacting worker health and safety.




  1. Provide a cost-effective, custom-made dust collection system.
  2. Enhance the filtration efficiency and safety features of the dust collection system.
  3. Eliminate pollution issues within the factory work area.


Cleantek conducted a detailed study of the dust properties and laser cutting process. Based on this analysis, Cleantek designed a custom-made laser dust collection system for laser smoke filtration with an integrated spark arrestor and high-capacity cartridge filter for smoke filtration.


Key Features of the Cleantek Laser Dust Collector:


  • Compact Size: Space-saving design suitable for various industrial setups.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: Advanced cartridge filter to capture fine dust particles effectively.
  • Custom-Made Model: Tailored design to meet the specific needs of the client’s laser cutting operations.
  • Integrated Spark Arrester: Added safety feature to prevent fire hazards.
  • Integrated Control Panel: Easy-to-use control system for efficient operation.
  • Low Noise Level: Quiet operation to maintain a comfortable working environment.
  • Made in India: Locally manufactured, ensuring cost-effectiveness and easy availability.
  • Service Support: Comprehensive service support available across India.



The custom-made laser dust collection system was installed in the client's facility. Detailed training sessions were provided to ensure the client's staff could operate and maintain the system effectively.




  1. Pollution Control: The laser dust collection system effectively removed laser fumes and dust, ensuring a pollution-free work environment.
  2. Cost Savings: The custom-made system was more affordable than the previously used foreign systems, reducing operational costs.
  3. Daily Dust Collection: The system collects approximately 15 kg of dust per day, demonstrating its high efficiency.
  4. Client Satisfaction: The client expressed high satisfaction with the performance and benefits of the new system.




  • Compact Size: Efficient space utilization in the factory.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: Improved air quality in the work area.
  • Custom-Made Model: System tailored to specific operational needs.
  • Integrated Spark Arrester: Enhanced safety during laser cutting operations.
  • Integrated Control Panel: User-friendly operation.
  • Low Noise Level: Reduced noise pollution.
  • Made in India: Support for local manufacturing.
  • Service Support: Reliable and accessible service across India.

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