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Hydraulic dust collector

Hydraulic dust collector

₹ 1,15,000.00 - ₹ 2,00,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • HDC2000
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  • India
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  • 4.4 (in 103 reviews)
Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors efficiently extract ultrafine dust particles during rock and sand drilling, ensuring operator safety and environmental protection. With customizable airflow capaci

Cleantek manufactures high-quality hydraulic dust collectors designed to efficiently extract dust particles during rock or sand drilling operations. Our advanced dust collectors effectively capture ultrafine rock dust produced during drilling, preventing it from spreading over machinery and mixing into the atmosphere. This reduces health hazards for drilling operators and minimizes environmental impact. Cleantek offers these dust collectors in various airflow capacities to suit different operational needs. Choose Cleantek for reliable dust extraction systems that ensure drilling operator safety and effective environmental dust control.

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Cleantek manufactures high-quality hydraulic dust collectors designed specifically for rock and sand drilling operations. During these processes, significant amounts of ultrafine rock dust are produced, which can spread over machinery and into the atmosphere, posing serious health risks to drilling operators and contributing to environmental pollution. Our advanced dust collectors efficiently capture and contain these dust particles, ensuring a cleaner and safer work environment.


Hydraulic Mine Drilling Rig Machine Dust Collector:


Cleantek manufacturing hydraulic dust collector for mine drilling dust collection applications. Cleantek Hydraulic Mine Drilling Rig Machine Dust Collector is a game-changer for the mining industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance. This advanced drilling rig is designed to handle the most demanding mining operations, providing powerful hydraulic performance to penetrate even the hardest rock formations with ease.

Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors are engineered for maximum performance and durability, offering reliable dust extraction in even the most demanding drilling conditions. Available in various airflow capacities, our dust collectors can be customized to meet the specific needs of different drilling operations, ensuring optimal dust control and operator safety.

By choosing Cleantek's dust extraction systems, you not only protect your workers from harmful dust exposure but also contribute to a healthier environment. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that you receive a dust collector that is both efficient and long-lasting. Invest in Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors for superior dust control and enhanced operational safety in your drilling projects.


  • Efficient extraction of ultrafine rock dust particles
  • Prevention of dust spread over machinery and into the atmosphere
  • Enhanced safety for drilling operators
  • Reduction of environmental pollution
  • Customizable airflow capacities
  • Engineered for maximum performance and durability
  • Reliable dust extraction in demanding drilling conditions
  • Contribution to a cleaner work environment
  • Long-lasting and efficient dust control
  • Superior operational safety


  • Improved safety for drilling operators by reducing exposure to harmful dust particles
  • Increased efficiency in dust extraction, maintaining a cleaner work environment
  • Customizable airflow capacities to suit different drilling operation needs
  • Long-lasting and durable design for reliable performance
  • Reduction of environmental pollution by containing dust particles
  • Compliance with safety regulations and standards
  • Enhanced productivity with efficient dust control

Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors are designed to meet the specific challenges of rock and sand drilling operations, where the generation of ultrafine dust particles poses significant health and environmental risks. By efficiently extracting these particles, our dust collectors help to create a safer working environment for operators and minimize the impact on surrounding areas.


hydraulic dust collectors

One of the key advantages of Cleantek's dust collectors is their customizable airflow capacities. This feature allows them to be tailored to the unique requirements of different drilling operations, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you're dealing with small-scale drilling or large industrial projects, our dust collectors can be configured to meet your needs.


In addition to their performance and efficiency, Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors are also known for their durability and reliability. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in demanding environments, they are designed to provide long-lasting and trouble-free service.


Furthermore, by investing in Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors, you are not only safeguarding the health and safety of your workers but also demonstrating your commitment to environmental protection. Our dust collectors help to reduce the environmental impact of drilling operations by containing and controlling dust particles, thereby minimizing pollution.


Overall, Cleantek's hydraulic dust collectors are the ideal solution for rock and sand drilling operations that require efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly dust extraction. With their customizable airflow capacities, durability, and performance, they offer a range of benefits that can improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your drilling processes.

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