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Dust Collector

Dust Collector

₹ 25,000.00 - ₹ 2,10,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
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  • DC100
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  • India
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Cleantek manufacturing Dust Collector extract the dust from grinding machines, Shot Blasting machine, Rubber Grinding Machine, Powder Grinding machines etc

Cleantek manufacturing  Dust Collector extract the dust from grinding machines, Shot Blasting machine, Rubber Grinding Machine, Powder Grinding machines etc... Cleanetk makes Metal Dust Collection Equipment to extract the hazardous dust from Grinding Process. Our advanced Wet Dust Collector Used to extract the Hazardous and explosive metal Dust. Multistage filtration process control the filter chocking and high Filtration Efficiency. Our Efficient & Effective Metal Working Dust Collector support to the machinery Manufacturers to Attach with their Process Machineries. Cleantek supply complete ranges from small Dust Collector to Big Dust Collectors to extract the all kind of Air pollution Dust.


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Dust Collector Manufacturers:


We are the high quality dust collector manufacturers in India.  Cleantek manufacturing custom made grinding and cutting dust collection system in compact size for individual machines. During grinding and cutting lot of fine metal dust produced with hot fire spark and it is very dangerous to workers and factory floor. Cleantek high quality dust extraction system assure 100 % safe working for this kind of machine.Our machines are used in bench grinders, polishing machines,Belt grinders, etc.. 



Dust Collector manufacturers

Industrial dust can pose significant dangers to both human health and industrial processes.  Inhalation of industrial dust can lead to serious health issues. Different types of dust particles, such as silica, asbestos, coal, metal, and organic dust, can cause lung diseases like silicosis, asbestosis, and pneumoconiosis. Long-term exposure to these dust particles can lead to chronic respiratory problems and even lung cancer. Accumulation of dust on machinery and equipment can lead to decreased operational efficiency and even equipment malfunction. Dust can clog air filters, cooling systems, and moving parts, leading to breakdowns and increased maintenance costs.


Cleantek manufacturing dust collector with suction hoods, shrouds , custom made ductings etc.. suitable for client applications.Cleantek is one of the dust collector manufacturers in Chennai. We manufacturing grinding, Polishing, Deburring and cutting dust collection system in compact size for individual machines. Cleantek supply dust collector with suction hoods, shrouds , custom made ducting's etc.. suitable for client applications.


There are several types of dust collectors used for dust collection in various industries and applications. Some common types as following:


  • Cyclone Dust Collectors: These use centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air stream. They're efficient for larger particles and can be used as a standalone unit or as a pre-filter for other collectors.
  • Baghouses: These use fabric bags to capture dust. Air passes through the bags, and the dust particles are collected on the fabric. They're effective for fine particles and are commonly used in industries like woodworking and cement manufacturing.
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors: These use pleated cartridges to capture dust. They offer a high filtration area in a compact design and are suitable for fine dust particles.
  • Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP): ESPs use an electric charge to remove dust particles from the air. The charged particles are attracted to oppositely charged plates or collectors, where they're collected.
  • Wet Scrubbers: These use water to scrub dust particles from the air. They're effective for capturing both particulate matter and gases through a process of absorption or chemical reaction.
  • Portable Dust Collectors: These are smaller, mobile units used for localized dust extraction. They're often used in workshops or areas where a centralized system isn't practical.
  • Centralized Dust Collection Systems: These systems involve a network of ducts and collectors that connect to various machines and equipment, collecting dust centrally.


Cleantek portable dust collector machine is designed to remove dust and particulate matter from the air in a localized area, such as a workshop, construction site, or manufacturing facility. These machines are commonly used in settings where dust and airborne particles are generated during various processes, such as woodworking, metalworking, grinding, sanding, polishing, cutting, and more. The primary purpose of a portable dust collector is to improve air quality by capturing and filtering out these particles before they can disperse into the surrounding environment.


We are the manufacturers of Dust Extraction arm for all kind of fume welding fume extraction and soldering Fume Extraction applications.We are the mobile suction arm dry dust collector manufacturers  in various kind of dust collection capacity and applications.


High vacuum suction force developed in suction unit and suction side is connected  with articulated suction arm attached big hood. Big hood is helped to extract the dust and cover the more area. Suction unit another blower side connected with collection tank or filter unit. 


During operation dust is sucked and blowing to the collection bag. Articulated suction arm helps for various angle dust extraction. Mostly this system used in wood chips dust extraction and plastic waste collection  applications.


Cleantek dust extraction arms provide an effective source capture of dust, fume, Mist Fume or smoke produced in industrial processes.We are making telescopic type suction arm for extraction of exhaust fume gas from cars,Automobile trucks and motorcycles. This industrial garde extraction arm is highly flexible and easy adjustable to the vehicles exhaust pipe.


The choice of dust collector depends on factors like the type of dust or particles, the volume of air to be handled, the size of particles, and the specific requirements of the industry or application.


  • Compact in size & High vacuum suction force
  • Low noise level & Heavy duty filter bags
  • More filtration area
  • Portable wheel attached unit
  • Custom made version as per requirements 


  • Competitive price
  • High Quality
  • Low noise level
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior filtration and suction power
  • Detachable collection trolley system
  • Filter shaker
  • Integral silencers for quiet running
  • High efficiency filtration 
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Single phase preventor attached electrical control panel
  • Warranty for 1 year from the date of installation


Cleantek dust collector used in various application in dust collection usage.


  • Saw dust extraction 
  • Fine wood chips dust collection
  • Thermocol dust collection
  • Plastic scrap dust collection
  • Fine dust collection
  • Compact size dust collector requirements places  etc...


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