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Impeller Fan

Impeller Fan

₹ 5,500.00 - ₹ 35,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
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  • Impeller Fan
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  • India
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We are the Blower impeller fan manufacturers in India for Air Suction and exhaust applications. Blowers are used in Dust Collection and Fume Exhaust usage.

Cleantek manufacturing Reverse Curve Impeller fan,Forward Curve Impeller Fan,Radial type Fan,Custom made Models,Imported Blower Fans,Aluminium Fan,MS Fan etc. Cleantek's Blower Impeller Fan is designed for optimal performance and durability, featuring high-quality construction and precision engineering. This robust fan impeller is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring efficient airflow and reliable operation. Made from premium materials, the Cleantek Blower Impeller Fan provides exceptional durability, longevity, and efficiency.

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Impeller Fan manufacturers:


Cleantek is a prominent company based in coimbatore India known for its expertise in designing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial blowers and fans. Cleantek has established itself as a reputable industry in the field of air movement technology and cleaning equipments.


Ring Blower fan

We specialize in creating custom-engineered solutions tailored to meet specific client needs across various industries such as HVAC, industrial processes, power generation, and more. cleantek's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced technologies to produce high-performance centrifugal and axial fans.


Forward-Curved Fan: These blades are curved in the direction of the fan's rotation. They're efficient for low-pressure, high-flow applications and are relatively quiet.


Impeller Fan high pressure

Backward-Curved Fan: These blades curve against the direction of rotation. They're more efficient for higher pressure and are often used in industrial applications where the system resistance is higher.


Radial Fan: Radial blade impellers have straight blades extending radially from the center. They offer a balance between pressure and flow and are used in applications where both are important.


Mixed-Flow Fan: These blades combine characteristics of both forward-curved and backward-curved blades, providing moderate efficiency for both pressure and airflow.


High-Efficiency Fan: These designs are optimized for energy efficiency, often employing aerodynamic principles to reduce energy consumption and improve performance.


Each design has its advantages and is suited for different applications based on the required airflow, pressure, efficiency, noise considerations, and the nature of the system it will be employed in.

Discover high-performance blower impeller fans engineered for efficient airflow and pressure in various applications. Explore a range of designs from forward-curved to backward-curved blades, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.



  • Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild steel Powder coated 
  • Digitally balanced
  • Immediate delivery
  • High Efficiency
  • Light Weight
  • Long Life


  • Long Life
  • Cost Effective
  • Custom made models
  • HIgh Level Quality
  • High Efficiency: Delivers optimal airflow for various industrial applications.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Precision Engineering: Designed with precision for reliable and efficient operation.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.
  • Low Maintenance: Built for minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.

Cleantek Manufacturing Impeller Fan for all kind of Blowers in Aluminium , Mil Steel, Stainless Steel material. We do tailor based impeller fan in various airflow and Pressure capacity . Further as per clients samples we can make blowers and Impeller fans.

  • Reverse Curve Impeller fan
  • Forward Curve Impeller Fan
  • Radial Type Fan
  • Custom made impeller Models
  • Industrial Blower Fans
  • Aluminium Fan
  • Ring Blower Fan
  • Centrifugal Blower Fan
  • Available in Mild Steel powder coated version
  • SS304 / 316 Grade impeller fan available
  • Tailor made blower fan design and supply
  • 150 CFM to 25000 CFM capacity Blower impeller fan available

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