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Welcome to our Air Knife Gallery, where you can explore a wide range of high-performance air knives designed to enhance industrial processes through efficient drying, cleaning, and cooling solutions. Cleantek air knives are engineered to deliver a precise, controlled stream of air, providing superior performance for various applications across multiple industries.


Air Knife Features and Benefits:


Precision and Efficiency: Our air knives are crafted to provide a uniform, high-velocity sheet of air that ensures precise drying and cleaning, reducing process times and enhancing productivity.

Energy Savings: Utilizing compressed air or blower systems, our air knives are designed for energy efficiency, helping to lower operational costs while maintaining high performance.

Durability and Reliability: Made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, our air knives are built to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Versatile Applications: Cleantek air knives are suitable for a wide range of applications, including drying bottles and cans, removing excess liquids from parts, cooling extruded products, cleaning conveyor belts, and more.

Customizable Solutions: We offer a variety of air knife designs and sizes to meet specific application requirements. Custom configurations are available to ensure optimal performance in any setting.


Applications of Air Knives:

Manufacturing: Efficiently dry and clean products on production lines, enhancing quality control and reducing waste.

Food and Beverage: Remove water, oil, or other liquids from packaging and products, ensuring hygiene and safety standards.

Automotive: Clean and dry components during various stages of production and assembly.

Electronics: Eliminate dust and particles from sensitive electronic parts and assemblies.

Printing: Dry ink and coatings quickly and evenly on printed materials.

Explore our gallery to see Cleantek air knives in action and learn more about how they can optimize your industrial processes. Each product is accompanied by detailed specifications and application examples to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.