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Trim Extraction System TEX300

Trim Extraction System TEX300

₹ 85,000.00 - ₹ 1,45,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
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  • TEX300
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  • India
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CLEANTEK manufacturing High vacuum waste extraction systems,trim suction,Edge trim can suck trims from film and foil production machines and converting machines like slitters & re-winder etc

CLEANTEK manufacturing High vacuum waste extraction systems,trim suction,Edge trim can suck trims from film and foil production machines and converting machines like slitters & re-winder etc...Our high performing trim suction pneumatic conveying systems used in various plastic film making industries,Printing industries,carton making industries etc...

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Paper Trim Collection Systems:


Cleantek waste trim extractor is a specialized device used in various manufacturing and production environments to efficiently remove and manage waste trim material generated during the production process. These systems are commonly used in industries such as packaging, printing, paper, plastics, and textiles, where trimming excess material is a routine part of production.

Cleantek manufacturing Paper Trim Collection system form Printing and Packaging machinery. Excess corner side paper waster continously sucked and blow to the collection chamber. Here high pressure blower used to create the vacuum on Venturi ejector unit.


Paper Trim Conveying:


Trim extraction or waste removal in the printing, Packaging and paper processing industry, is a crucial component of the production process. It refers to the system or equipment designed to efficiently remove excess paper trim or material trimmings generated during various printing, cutting, or converting processes. These trimmings can be in the form of paper, cardboard, plastic, or other materials and can vary in size and shape.


Trim suction

The primary purpose of cleantek paper trim suction is to maintain a clean and efficient production environment while minimizing waste. paper trim suction plays a crucial role in the paper and printing industry by managing and efficiently disposing of trimmings generated during the production process. It not only contributes to a cleaner and safer workplace but also supports eco-friendly practices by enabling the recycling of waste materials.

CLEANTEK manufacturing High vacuum waste extraction systems,trim suction,Edge trim can suck trims from film and foil production machines and converting machines like slitters & re-winder etc...Our high performing trim suction pneumatic conveying systems used in various plastic film making industries, Printing industries, carton making industries etc...


Explore Cleantek's advanced automatic paper trim handling system through our detailed gallery, highlighting our innovative paper manufacturing solutions. Witness the efficiency and cleanliness brought to your production line by our state-of-the-art paper trim suction hood with up and down movement. See the high-performance high-pressure centrifugal blower integrated with a knife for efficient paper trim cutting. Our comprehensive paper trim ducting system extends up to 40 feet, ensuring seamless transport and delivery of paper trim. Discover how our industrial automation solutions operate 24/7 to provide significant labor cost savings and time savings, while maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Cleantek's advanced industrial equipment is designed to improve your production efficiency and productivity. Browse our gallery to see how our innovative solutions can transform your operations.



  • Powerful Suction System
  • High Efficiency
  • Compact Size
  • Low Noise level
  • Easy maintenance
  • Custom made model


Benefits of Waste Trim Suction:


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Clean workspaces mean faster production times, reduced downtime for manual cleanup, and a significant boost in overall productivity.
  • Improved Material Savings: Captured trim and scraps can be recycled or reused, minimizing waste and maximizing cost-effectiveness.
  • Elevated Worker Safety: Reduced dust and debris in the air create a safer environment for your team, minimizing respiratory risks and potential accidents.
  • Enhanced Cleanliness: Clean workspaces foster a more professional and organized atmosphere, improving employee morale and brand image.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Reduced waste generation and potential for recycling contribute to a more sustainable operation.


Types of Waste Trim Suction Systems:


  • Centralized Systems: Large, powerful units connected to a network of ducts throughout the facility, ideal for large-scale operations.
  • Portable Systems: Smaller, mobile units ideal for smaller workshops or flexible deployment in different areas.
  • Custom-Designed Systems: Tailored solutions for specific applications and workspace layouts.


Paper trim suction systems are essential in the paper and packaging industry for managing waste efficiently and maintaining a clean and continuous production environment. By using high-pressure blowers to create a powerful suction, these systems ensure the effective removal and transport of paper trim, improving operational efficiency, product quality, and sustainability.

Paper Trim Suction Machine and trim conveying system:


Cleantek Trim Handling Systems are specifically designed for efficiently extracting trims and waste materials in various industrial processes, particularly in the printing, packaging, paper, and converting industries. These systems are engineered to handle the removal of excess material generated during production, such as paper trims, film edges, and other waste materials, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing environment.

Cleantek Trim Handling Systems primarily employ air-based solutions for trim extraction. They use high-speed airflows to capture and transport trims from the production line to a centralized collection point or waste disposal system.These systems often feature a modular design, allowing for customization and adaptation to different production setups and varying trim sizes.

The systems consist of ducting networks strategically placed around production machinery to efficiently capture trims at the source. These trims are then transported through the ducting to a central collection point or disposal system.High efficiency separators or cyclones to separate trims from the conveyed air before directing them into collection containers or balers for easy disposal or recycling. Cleantek Trim Handling Systems can be integrated into the production line and often feature automation capabilities, allowing for seamless operation and minimal manual intervention.

Trim Extraction: The systems are employed to capture trims generated during various manufacturing processes, such as printing, packaging, and converting. Trims are captured at their source and conveyed through the ducting to a central collection point. Once the trims are collected, they can be directed to waste collection containers or balers for disposal or recycling, contributing to a cleaner and more organized production environment.By removing trims and waste materials efficiently, these systems help in maintaining continuous production flow, reducing downtime caused by trim buildup and blockages in machinery.

Cleantek Trim Handling Systems play a crucial role in industrial settings by efficiently extracting and managing trims and waste materials generated during production processes. Their air-based extraction methods, modular designs, and integration capabilities contribute to improved operational efficiency, cleanliness, and waste management in various manufacturing industries.


Automatic Paper Trim Handling Solution for Recycled Kraft Paper Manufacturer:


Client: Leading Manufacturer of Recycled Kraft Paper


Industry: Paper Manufacturing


During the cutting process of finished paper rolls to meet client size requirements, extra paper trim would continuously fall on the floor in various sizes, ranging from inches to 4 inches in width. This excess trim occupied valuable floor space and required manual transport to the baler for further recycling. This process was time-consuming, caused cleanliness issues, and incurred high labor costs.

Paper trim suction


  1. Automate the handling of paper trim to reduce manual labor.
  2. Maintain a clean and organized workspace.
  3. Improve efficiency and reduce time consumption in managing paper trim.



Cleantek designed and supplied an advanced automatic paper trim handling system with the following components:

  • Automatic Paper Trim Suction Hood: Features up and down movement to capture paper trim effectively.
  • High-Pressure Centrifugal Blower: Integrated with a knife for efficient trim cutting.
  • Complete Ducting System: Extends up to 40 feet from the suction point to the delivery point.
  • Electrical Control Unit: Manages the system operations seamlessly.
  • Continuous Operation: Designed for 24/7 usage to meet the client’s production demands.



The automatic paper trim handling system was installed and integrated into the client’s existing production line. Our team provided comprehensive training to ensure the client could operate and maintain the system efficiently.



  • Labor Cost Savings: The automated system significantly reduced the need for manual labor, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • Time Savings: The efficient handling and transport of paper trim reduced time consumption, streamlining the production process.
  • Clean Workspace: The automatic trim handling system maintained a clean and organized workspace, enhancing overall workplace safety and hygiene.
  • Automated Trim Delivery: The system enabled the automated transport of paper trim to the delivery point without manual intervention.


Client Testimonial:

"Cleantek's automatic paper trim handling solution has transformed our production line. The system efficiently manages the paper trim, saving us significant labor costs and time. Our workspace is now cleaner and more organized, and the automation of trim delivery has eliminated the need for manual handling. We are extremely satisfied with the performance and reliability of Cleantek's solution."



Cleantek’s automatic paper trim handling solution effectively addressed the client’s challenges, leading to labor cost savings, time savings, and a cleaner workspace. This case study highlights Cleantek’s capability to deliver customized, efficient, and automated solutions for industrial applications.

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