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Bag Filter

Bag Filter

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  • BGF300
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We are the high quality filter bag manufacturers for all kind of dust collection applications.Bag house filter available in various size and filtration capacity. We produce all kind of dust collector

Cleantek bag filter, or baghouse, is a crucial component of dust collector systems used in industrial settings to remove particulate matter from air or gas streams. Its efficient filtration process helps improve air quality, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect the health and safety of workers and the environment.

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Bag Filter manufacturers:


A bag filter, also known as a baghouse, is a type of air pollution control device used in industrial applications to remove particulate matter (dust, smoke, fumes) from air or gas streams. Cleantek manufacturing Wood Dust Collector Bag for various brand wood dust collector. Cleantek support spares supply for various brand dust collector machinery usage. We design and manufacturing single bag model, double bag systems as per airflow extraction capacity.


The contaminated air or gas stream enters the baghouse housing containing a series of fabric bags (filter bags). These bags are made of various materials such as woven or felted fabric.As the air or gas passes through the filter bags, particulate matter is captured on the surface of the bags or within the depth of the filter media. 


The filter bags act as barriers, allowing air to pass through while trapping the dust particles.Over time, the dust accumulates on the surface of the filter bags, which can reduce their efficiency. To maintain optimal performance, baghouses are equipped with a cleaning mechanism. 


This mechanism can involve methods such as shaking the bags, using compressed air pulses to dislodge the dust, or employing mechanical devices to mechanically clean the bags.The collected dust falls into a hopper located at the bottom of the baghouse. From there, it is typically discharged into a collection container or conveyed to a disposal area for proper handling and disposal.


Cleantek filter bag Benefits:


Efficient Dust Collection: Filter bags are highly efficient at capturing and collecting a wide range of dust particles, including fine and coarse particles, as well as hazardous materials such as silica, asbestos, and metal fumes. This helps improve air quality in industrial environments and protects workers' health.


Versatility: Filter bags can be made from various materials such as polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, PTFE (Teflon), and fiberglass, allowing them to be tailored to specific dust collection applications and operating conditions. Different filter bag materials offer different levels of filtration efficiency, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance.


Filter bag manufacturers

High Filtration Efficiency: Filter bags are designed with high-efficiency filtration media that effectively capture and retain dust particles down to submicron sizes. This ensures compliance with air quality regulations and standards while minimizing the risk of dust-related health hazards.


Long Service Life: Filter bags are durable and long-lasting, providing extended service life in industrial applications. Proper maintenance and cleaning procedures can further prolong the life of filter bags, reducing replacement frequency and operating costs.


Cost-Effective: Filter bags offer cost-effective dust collection solutions compared to other filtration methods. They are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, install, and maintain, making them a cost-efficient choice for industrial dust control.


Easy Installation and Replacement: Filter bags are easy to install and replace in dust collectors, minimizing downtime and maintenance labor. Most filter bags feature a snap ring or top cuff for quick and secure attachment to the collector's tube sheet or cage assembly.


Reduced Environmental Impact: By capturing and containing airborne dust particles, filter bags help reduce the release of pollutants into the environment, mitigating environmental impact and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Improved Workplace Safety: Effective dust collection systems equipped with filter bags help improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of dust-related hazards such as respiratory problems, fires, and explosions. Clean air quality contributes to a healthier and safer work environment for employees.



  • Various sizes available
  • High Filtration capacity
  • Long life
  • Made in India


  • High Efficiency
  • Made in India
  • Custom made bag filter sizes available
  • Quick delivery

Filter bags are used in dust collectors to capture and collect dust and other airborne particles from industrial processes and manufacturing operations. These dust collectors, also known as baghouses, are essential in maintaining clean air quality in workplaces and preventing airborne pollutants from being released into the environment. 

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