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Baghouse Dust Collector

Baghouse Dust Collector

₹ 2,55,000.00 - ₹ 7,85,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • Baghouse Dust Collector BHDC20000
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  • India
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  • 4.6 (in 201 reviews)
Cleantek baghouse consists of multiple fabric filter bags which are arranged in a housing.

Baghouse Dust Collector Manufacturers:


Cleantek baghouse dust collector is an air pollution control device that removes particulates out of air or gas released from commercial processes. Baghouses are highly efficient in capturing fine particulates and are widely used in industrial applications, such as cement manufacturing, power plants, steel mills, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and other environments where dust is generated.


Cleantek manufacturing baghouse centralized dust collector to collect the dust from various Production process. Centralized Dust Collector Machine is used to extract the dust particles from the machining process, Packing Process, Grinding Process, Electrical parts grinding,Plastic parts Buffing ,Wood Cutting process Etc. Our Dust Collecting Machine is used in Plastic injection molding grinding Dust Extraction, Graphite Dust Extraction, Tablet Packing Dust Extraction, etc...High volume of air is used to extract the dust from the process.


Our Dust Filtration process include Primary cyclone separator  with  Multiple Cartridge filter. Effective shaking mechanism or Automatic pulsejet cleaning is used to clean the filter to maintain the airflow inside the dust collecting machine.


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Baghouse Dust collector:


Cleantek industrial baghouse dust collector, also known as a dust extractor, is a type of air pollution control equipment designed to capture and remove dust and other particulate matter from industrial processes and facilities.

Baghouse Dust collector

The primary function of an industrial dust collector is to improve the air quality within a workspace or factory environment by removing potentially harmful airborne particulate matter. Dust collectors can also help to maintain the cleanliness of machinery and work areas, reduce the risk of fire or explosion caused by combustible dust, and minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs.


Industrial Dust collector:


Industrial dust collectors come in various types, including baghouses, cyclone dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, and electrostatic precipitators. The most suitable type of dust collector for a particular application depends on factors such as the type and size of the particulate matter, the volume of air to be filtered, and the operating conditions.


Cleantek industrial dust collector is an essential piece of equipment for many manufacturing and industrial processes, helping to protect workers' health, reduce environmental pollution, and increase overall production efficiency.


Major models we manufacturing as follows:


Baghouse Dust collector 5 Hp model

Shaker Baghouses: These use mechanical shaking to dislodge the dust cake.

Reverse Air Baghouses: These use reverse airflow for cleaning.

Pulse-Jet Baghouses: Cleantek Pulse-jet baghouses are the most common type due to their high efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning without taking the system offline.


Cleantek Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collector dust collector supplied complete digitally balanced impeller fan and continuous duty IE2 / IE3 induction motor. Filters are cleaned by manual filter shaker or automatic filter cleaning system. We design and produce dust collection device,Mechanical Engineering dust Extraction & particulate extraction systems suitable for all kind of dust capture, chips collection process.


  • Custom made models as per client requirement
  • Automatic filter cleaning system
  • Easy disposal of collected dust
  • User friendly model


  • High Efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • Suitable for continuous operation

Cleantek manufacturing centralized Dust Collector extract the dust from grinding machines, Shot Blasting machine, Rubber Grinding Machine, Powder Grinding machines etc... Cleanetk makes Metal Dust Collection Equipment to extract the hazardous dust from Grinding Process. 


Our advanced Wet Dust Collector Used to extract the Hazardous and explosive metal Dust. Multistage filtration process control the filter chocking and high Filtration Efficiency. Our Efficient & Effective Metal Working Dust Collector support to the machinery Manufacturers to Attach with their Process Machineries. Cleantek supply complete ranges from small Dust Collector to Big Dust Collectors to extract the all kind of Air pollution Dust.

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