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Paper Band Filter for coolant filtration

Paper Band Filter for coolant filtration

₹ 2,45,000.00 - ₹ 5,60,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
  • Model Number:
  • Paper band Filter PBF1000
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  • India
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Cleantek band filters stand as a testament to their commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions for maintaining clean and efficient coolant systems in industrial settings.

Cleantek filtration equipment manufcatured for the separation and filtration of process fluids. Our technology is used to filter process fluids such as coolants, neat oils, washing water and Any kind of CNC Cooling Liquids. Cleantek Compact band filtration equipment is typically used in production plants which use processing machines such as CNC turning / milling machines and grinding machines.

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Coolant Band Filter:

A coolant band filter represents the pinnacle of precision filtration technology for industrial coolant systems. Crafted with meticulous engineering, these filters are designed to meticulously cleanse coolants used in various industrial processes. Utilizing advanced band or belt filtration mechanisms, these filters efficiently capture and remove impurities, sludge, and particulate matter from coolant fluids. Their application spans across industries such as metalworking, machining, and manufacturing, where maintaining the purity of coolants is paramount for machinery performance and longevity. By effectively sieving out contaminants, coolant band filters elevate the integrity and efficiency of coolant systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal equipment functionality.


Band filter

A coolant band filter, also known as a band filter or a belt filter, is a type of industrial filtration system used to remove contaminants and particulates from coolant or cutting fluid used in machining and metalworking processes. It is a versatile and effective filtration method in many industrial settings.


How Coolant band Filter Working ?


Contaminated coolant or cutting fluid from the machining process is directed into the filter system. This fluid contains metal chips, fines, and other impurities.The heart of the coolant band filter is a porous filter media that can be in the form of a continuous belt or band, which is typically made of materials like fabric, metal, or plastic. The coolant passes through this filter media.As the coolant flows through the filter media, solid contaminants, such as metal chips, dirt, and fines, are captured on the surface of the media. The porous nature of the media allows the coolant to pass through while retaining these contaminants.



The filtered and cleaned coolant is then discharged from the filter system for reuse in the machining process. The separated contaminants are typically removed periodically or continuously from the filter media to maintain efficient filtration.


Continuous Filtration:


  • Feature: The system provides ongoing filtration, removing metal shavings and fine particles from the coolant.
  • Benefit: Ensures the coolant remains clean and effective, enhancing its cooling and lubricating properties.


High Filtration Efficiency:


  • Feature: Utilizes advanced filtering materials and mechanisms.
  • Benefit: Effectively captures contaminants, maintaining optimal coolant quality.


Durable Construction:


  • Feature: Built with robust materials to withstand harsh CNC machining environments.
  • Benefit: Ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.


Low Maintenance:


  • Feature: Designed for minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Benefit: Reduces downtime and maintenance costs, improving operational efficiency.


Energy Efficient:


  • Feature: Operates with low energy consumption.
  • Benefit: Reduces operational costs and environmental impact.


Customizable Design:


  • Feature: Tailored to fit specific CNC machining setups and requirements.
  • Benefit: Provides a perfect fit and optimal performance for unique operational needs.


Integrated Control Panel:


  • Feature: Equipped with an easy-to-use control panel.
  • Benefit: Simplifies operation and monitoring of the filtration system.


Compact Size:


  • Feature: Space-saving design.
  • Benefit: Fits easily into existing CNC machining setups without requiring significant modifications.


Extended Tool Life:


  • Benefit: Clean coolant reduces tool wear, extending tool life and lowering replacement costs.


Improved Surface Finish:


  • Benefit: Enhanced coolant quality leads to better surface finishes on machined parts, improving product quality.


Reduced Maintenance Frequency:


  • Benefit: Low maintenance requirements and efficient operation reduce downtime and associated costs.


Operational Efficiency:


  • Benefit: Streamlined filtration process enhances overall operational efficiency and productivity.


Cost Savings:


  • Benefit: Reduced tool wear, maintenance costs, and energy consumption lead to significant cost savings.


Enhanced Product Quality:


  • Benefit: Consistently clean coolant ensures high-quality machining, resulting in superior end products.


Worker Safety:


  • Benefit: Reduces the need for manual intervention in coolant maintenance, improving worker safety and reducing exposure to contaminants.


Environmental Compliance:


  • Benefit: Energy-efficient operation and effective filtration contribute to environmental sustainability and compliance with regulations.

Coolant band filters are specifically engineered to trap various particles such as metal shavings, chips, dirt, and other debris that accumulate in the coolant during machining operations. The filters employ a porous material or mesh that allows the coolant to pass through while capturing these contaminants.


By removing debris, coolant band filters help in maintaining the quality of the coolant. This, in turn, prevents clogging of the machine's nozzles, pumps, and other critical components. Consistent coolant flow and quality contribute to better machining performance and accuracy.


Contaminants in the coolant can cause wear and tear on cutting tools and machine components. The use of a band filter helps in prolonging the lifespan of these expensive components by minimizing the abrasive effects of debris during machining processes.


Depending on the level of contaminants, the filter may need cleaning or replacing at specified intervals. Cleaning methods might involve backwashing, blowing compressed air, or replacing the filter media.






Coolant Filtration for Online


Filtration Stage

3 stage


Magnetic Filter



Coolant Tank capacity

150 litres


Oil circulation Pump

1 Hp


Filter Media

Cellulose Fiber 


Filter width

500 mm


Coolant sensor control

With proximity switch 

Custom Coolant Band Filter System for CNC Machining:


Client: CNC Machining Company


Industry: Precision Manufacturing


Problem: The client faced challenges related to coolant contamination during the CNC machining process. Dirty coolant led to several operational issues:


  1. Contaminated Coolant: Metal shavings and fine particles contaminated the coolant, reducing its effectiveness.
  2. Tool Wear: Contaminated coolant accelerated tool wear, increasing tool replacement costs.
  3. Poor Surface Finish: Ineffective coolant filtration resulted in poor surface finish on machined parts.
  4. Increased Maintenance: Frequent maintenance was required to clean and replace coolant, leading to downtime and higher operational costs.
Coolant Band Filter



  1. Provide an efficient coolant filtration system to maintain clean coolant.
  2. Extend tool life and improve the surface finish of machined parts.
  3. Reduce maintenance frequency and associated costs.
  4. Enhance overall operational efficiency.



Cleantek designed and installed a custom Coolant Band Filter System tailored to the client's CNC machining operations. This system features continuous filtration to remove contaminants from the coolant, ensuring it remains clean and effective.


Key Features of the Cleantek Coolant Band Filter System:


  • Continuous Filtration: Ensures ongoing removal of metal shavings and fine particles from the coolant.
  • High Filtration Efficiency: Advanced filtering materials and mechanisms capture contaminants effectively.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the harsh conditions of CNC machining environments.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for minimal maintenance requirements, reducing downtime.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates efficiently, minimizing energy consumption.



The Coolant Band Filter System was integrated into the client's existing CNC machining setup. Comprehensive training was provided to the client's staff to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the system.




  1. Clean Coolant: The filtration system maintained clean coolant, enhancing its cooling and lubricating properties.
  2. Extended Tool Life: Clean coolant reduced tool wear, extending tool life and lowering replacement costs.
  3. Improved Surface Finish: Enhanced coolant quality led to better surface finishes on machined parts, improving product quality.
  4. Reduced Maintenance: The system's low maintenance requirements and efficient operation reduced downtime and maintenance costs.



  • High Filtration Efficiency: Effective removal of contaminants from the coolant.
  • Extended Tool Life: Reduced tool wear, lowering replacement costs.
  • Improved Surface Finish: Enhanced product quality with better surface finishes.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduced maintenance frequency and downtime.
  • Energy Efficient: Low energy consumption for cost-effective operation.



The successful implementation of Cleantek's Coolant Band Filter System transformed the client's CNC machining operations. The system provided clean and effective coolant, leading to extended tool life, improved product quality, reduced maintenance, and overall operational efficiency. This case study highlights the importance of efficient coolant filtration in precision manufacturing and demonstrates Cleantek's commitment to delivering customized solutions that meet specific operational needs.

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