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High Pressure Blower

High Pressure Blower

₹ 45,000.00 - ₹ 85,000.00 (* Price depends on Variant and features and subjected to change based on requirements)
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  • CB3HF
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  • India
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Cleantek manufacturing High-pressure blowers and it is essential components in various industrial applications, particularly in pressure conveying systems. These blowers are designed to generate high

Cleantek design and manufacturing tailor made High-pressure centrifugal blowers and it is work by utilizing a rotating impeller to accelerate air or gas outward from the center of the impeller to the periphery. This centrifugal action increases the velocity of the air, converting kinetic energy into static pressure.


High-pressure blowers are used to aerate flour and other dry ingredients before mixing, ensuring a uniform and consistent mixture. This aeration process helps to achieve the desired texture and quality in the final baked products.



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High Pressure Blower manufacturers:


Cleantek manufacturing High-pressure blowers and it is essential components in various industrial applications, particularly in pressure conveying systems. These blowers are designed to generate high static pressure while maintaining a steady flow of air or gas, which is crucial for the efficient and reliable transport of materials through pipelines.


High pressure Blower Fan

High-pressure blowers are widely used in pressure conveying systems across various industries. Their primary role is to move bulk materials, such as powders, granules, and pellets, through pipelines. High-pressure blowers provide the necessary force to transport materials through pipelines over long distances and at high speeds. 


Cleantek high pressure blowers are essential in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing. In facilities where bulk materials are frequently moved, high-pressure blowers ensure consistent and reliable transportation, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.


Cleantek high pressure  blowers are used to create negative pressure environments that effectively capture and transport dust and other fine particulates to filtration units, maintaining air quality and safety in industrial settings.


High-pressure blowers are critical components in pressure conveying systems, providing the necessary force to transport materials efficiently and reliably through pipelines. Their robust design, efficiency, and versatility make them indispensable in various industrial applications, from pneumatic conveying to dust collection.


  • Tailor made pressure and flow Blowers
  • Energy efficient
  • Air or Gas leak proof Blower
  • Explosion or ATEX Blower


Cleantek designed High-pressure blowers are integral to the efficient and safe operation of bakery processes. Its ability to provide consistent and reliable airflow makes them indispensable in various applications, from ingredient handling and mixing to cooling, drying, and packaging. 


By ensuring optimal conditions at every stage of production, high-pressure blowers help bakeries maintain product quality, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with health and safety standards.


Cleantek High-pressure fans supply the primary combustion air that mixes with fuel to enable efficient burning. This ensures that the fuel is completely combusted, maximizing energy output and reducing emissions. Precise control of the air/fuel ratio is critical for optimal combustion efficiency. 


High-pressure fans help maintain this balance by providing consistent and adjustable airflow.In some boiler designs, additional air is introduced at different stages of the combustion process to reduce emissions of pollutants like NOx. High-pressure fans supply this secondary air to ensure thorough mixing and combustion.

Cleantek High-pressure blowers are used to convey bulk food products like flour, sugar, and grains through pipelines, ensuring efficient and contamination-free material handling. Also these blowers are used in food drying processes, where they provide the necessary airflow to remove moisture from products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, ensuring proper preservation and quality. 


High-pressure blowers are used in air knife systems to blow off excess water, oil, or other liquids from food products and packaging, ensuring cleanliness and proper labeling.

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