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Compressed Air Knife

Compressed Air Knife

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  • Model Number:
  • CAKF100
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  • India
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air knife

Cleantek Compressor air-operated air knives are industrial workhorses, utilizing the power of compressed air to create a highly focused stream for efficient drying, cleaning, and cooling applications.

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Compressor Air-Powered Air Knives: A Powerful and Precise Drying Solution:


Cleantek compressor air knife is a device that uses compressed air to create a high-velocity, laminar airflow. It is typically used for a variety of industrial applications such as cleaning, drying, cooling, or removing dust and debris from a surface. The air knife has a narrow, flat profile and can be made of metal, plastic or other materials. It usually consists of a chamber that is supplied with compressed air, and a thin slot or gap through which the air flows out in a high-velocity jet. 



The high-speed airflow produced by the air knife is capable of creating a thin layer of air that can blow away or dislodge contaminants on the surface of the object being cleaned, dried, or cooled. Air knives can be used in a variety of industries, including food processing, automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, among others. They offer an effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for many applications.

Applications for Compresseor Air-Operated Air Knives:


Post-Wash Drying: Effectively removing surface moisture from products after wash cycles in bottling or canning lines.

Part Cleaning: Efficiently eliminating debris or coolant after machining operations without risking damage to delicate components.

Web Drying: Ensuring uniform and rapid drying of films or sheets in continuous web processing applications.

Cooling Products: Quickly cooling down products after heat treatment processes.

Conveyor Cleaning: Removing dust, debris, or spills from conveyor belts to maintain a clean production environment.


  • Very Small size
  • Easy to Install
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to operate
  • No Maintenance


Fast and Effective Drying: The high-velocity air stream rapidly removes surface moisture, significantly speeding up drying times compared to traditional methods like evaporation or wiping.

Non-Contact Drying: Unlike wipers or rollers, compressed air knives dry products without physically touching them. This eliminates the risk of scratching or damaging delicate surfaces.

Versatility Across Applications: The adjustable airflow and non-contact nature make air knives suitable for a wide range of applications and product shapes. They can be used for anything from drying car parts after washing to removing debris from electronic components.

Clean and Sanitary Drying: Since there's no physical contact, air knives are ideal for processes requiring clean and sanitary drying environments, like in food and beverage production or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Energy Efficiency: While compressed air itself requires energy to generate, modern air knife systems are designed for efficiency. They can achieve significant drying results while using a relatively small amount of compressed air.

Reduced Downtime: The simple design with minimal moving parts minimizes maintenance needs, leading to less downtime and smoother operation of your production line.

Scalability and Customization: Compressed air-operated air knives come in various sizes and configurations. They can also be customized with features like multiple inlets or specialized nozzles to perfectly match your specific application requirements.

Cleantek Compressed Air Operated Air Knife, designed to provide powerful and precise air streams for various industrial applications. Our air knife technology utilizes compressed air to create a high-velocity, uniform sheet of air, ideal for tasks such as drying, cleaning, cooling, and removing debris from surfaces. Perfect for industries like food processing, electronics, automotive, and packaging, Cleantek's Compressed Air Operated Air Knife ensures efficient, reliable, and energy-saving performance. Cleantek Compressed Air Operated Air Knife for efficient drying, cleaning, and cooling in industrial applications. Energy-efficient, adjustable, and durable for reliable performance.

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