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Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device

Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device

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  • SSTD100
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  • India
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Cleantek sugarcane seed treatment device designed to treat sugarcane buds for pests or diseases. Vacuum technology could be used to create an environment conducive to pest control or to remove pests f

Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane bud Treatment Device under Technology supported BY Sugarcane breeding Institute-ICAR, Coimbatore. Sugarcane Seed treatment device bud  treatment is important role for disease free sugarcane cultivation and healthy nursery programme.The device works in the principle of negative vacuum pressure and delivers various agro-inputs rapidly inside the sugarcane setts.

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Sugarcane seed Treatment Device:


Sugarcane is a major industrial crop of the country grown in about 4.7 million hectares in both tropical and subtropical regions. Under various climatic conditions, it is subjected to a number of biotic and abiotic stress during its growth. Effective management of any stress is associated with practicability of management practice. For most of the management of diseases, seed treatment plays major role for easy, effective, economical and rapid method of delivering agrochemicals/ microbes. As sugarcane is propagated only by vegetative means, disease problem in the seed canes affects crop health. 


However, treating sugarcane setts that are required in large volumes for field planting is almost impractical due to its high volume and longer period of soaking. Hence a practically feasible, rapid and effective delivery system having long-term effects with preventive/ protective principles in the integrated management system is required under field conditions. 


All these factors form the base for the present invention on mechanized means of sett treatment in sugarcane which has been specifically tested for disease management with fungicides/ microbes and validated for producing healthy nursery with various agro-inputs. Cleantek Manufacturing modernized sugarcane bud Treatment Device under Technology supported BY Sugarcane breeding Institute-ICAR, Coimbatore.

Sugarcane seed treatment device


This invention relates to a novel method for effective impregnation of agrochemicals and/or microorganisms and other agro-inputs into sugarcane planting materials viz., single/ two/ three budded setts and bud chips for protection from diseases/ pests and improvement of plant growth. This device works under the principle of negative pressure or vacuum infiltration. This mechanized means of sett treatment is a novel method over conventional method of sett soaking. 


Also, this method is suitable for different planting materials like stem cuttings, rhizomes, bulbs and tubers of different vegetatively propagated crops. This method has several advantages viz., mechanized operation, rapidity, effectiveness, amenable for large scale application, capable of delivering more than one agrochemical/ microbe, uniform impregnation of agrochemical/microorganisms into seed material, possibility to combine physical and chemical method of treatment and lesser requirement of agrochemical as compared to conventional soaking. Also, there is no similar technology or unit available for comparison.


Sugarcane bud treatment device:


Cleantek sugarcane bud vacuum treatment device sounds like a specialized tool used in agriculture, particularly in the cultivation of sugarcane. Cleantek sugarcane seed treatment device is a valuable tool for farmers seeking to improve their sugarcane crop yields and profitability. It offers a safe, efficient, and effective way to treat setts with essential agro-inputs, leading to healthier plants and potentially higher returns.


Cleantek is authorized licensed manufacturers of this system from ICAR, Coimbatore. Also we design and developed various capacity models to be used in small farmer to big sugarcane nursery level. 




  • Simple in construction and easy to use.
  • Treat 8000 buds per Hour
  • Treating single bud setts with different agro inputs Fungicides, insecticide & Nutrients increases germination & high quality settlings.
  • Treating Setts with fungicides controls redroot, Smut and wilf diseases.


  • Improved seed germination
Sugarcane bud treatment device
  • Enhanced disease and pest resistance
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Faster processing
  • Reduced agro-input usage
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Latest Technology
  • Long Lasting system


The sugarcane bud treatment vacuum device is a specialized tool used by sugarcane farmers and growers to treat sugarcane buds before they are planted in the soil. The device consists of a vacuum chamber that creates a low pressure environment which helps to remove air from the buds and promotes better nutrient absorption and seedling growth. The sugarcane buds are placed in the vacuum chamber and the device creates a vacuum by removing air from the chamber. 

Sugarcane Disease

This vacuum environment helps to promote better seed germination as it removes any excess air and increases the absorption of nutrients by the sugarcane buds. By using the sugarcane bud treatment vacuum device, farmers can improve the germination rate of their sugarcane crops, leading to increased yield and profits. The device is also a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical treatments that can be harmful to the environment and expensive for farmers.


How to control this disease threw cleantek sugarcane vacuum treatment device ?

The Cleantek sugarcane vacuum treatment device is an advanced tool designed to treat sugarcane setts (seed pieces) by using vacuum technology to control and prevent the spread of various diseases. This device helps to ensure the health and vigor of the planted sugarcane by eliminating pathogens that can cause diseases. 


Here's how the Cleantek sugarcane vacuum treatment device can help control sugarcane diseases:


1. Red Rot

Treatment Method: Place the sugarcane setts in the vacuum treatment device.
Procedure: The device uses a combination of vacuum and chemical fungicide treatment. The vacuum helps to open the pores of the setts, allowing the fungicide to penetrate deeply and effectively kill the fungal spores.
Chemicals: Fungicides such as carbendazim or thiophanate-methyl can be used.

2. Smut

Treatment Method: Use the vacuum treatment to apply hot water treatment or chemical fungicides.
Procedure: The vacuum device can be used to treat setts with hot water (around 50°C) for 30 minutes, which kills the smut spores.
Chemicals: Fungicides like propiconazole can also be used if hot water treatment is not feasible.

3. Wilt

Treatment Method: Apply vacuum treatment with fungicidal solutions.
Procedure: Use the vacuum to enhance the penetration of fungicides into the setts.
Chemicals: Fungicides such as benomyl or carbendazim can be applied.

4. Leaf Scald

Treatment Method: Treat setts with a bactericidal solution using the vacuum device.
Procedure: The vacuum helps the bactericide penetrate into the vascular tissues of the setts, reducing the bacterial load.
Chemicals: Bactericides like copper oxychloride can be used.

5. Ratoon Stunting Disease (RSD)

Treatment Method: Utilize hot water treatment in conjunction with the vacuum device.
Procedure: Treat setts with hot water (50°C) for about 2-3 hours using the vacuum treatment device to enhance the heat penetration.
Chemicals: Antibiotics like tetracycline can be used in combination with hot water treatment.

6. Mosaic Disease

Treatment Method: Apply antiviral agents through the vacuum device.
Procedure: The vacuum treatment can help in applying systemic antiviral agents or disinfectants to reduce the viral load in the setts.
Chemicals: Antiviral treatments are generally limited; emphasis should be on using disease-free setts and resistant varieties.

7. Grassy Shoot Disease (GSD)

Treatment Method: Treat setts with the vacuum device to enhance penetration of phytoplasma-targeting chemicals.
Procedure: Use the vacuum device to apply chemical treatments that target the phytoplasma.
Chemicals: Tetracycline or other phytoplasma inhibitors can be used.

8. Rust

Treatment Method: Apply fungicides using the vacuum device to ensure deep penetration.
Procedure: The vacuum treatment ensures that the fungicides reach deep into the setts, effectively killing the fungal spores.
Chemicals: Fungicides like triadimefon can be used.

9. Yellow Leaf Disease

Treatment Method: Use vacuum treatment to apply antiviral treatments or systemic insecticides to control vectors.
Procedure: The vacuum device can help in the application of treatments that reduce the incidence of the virus.
Chemicals: Systemic insecticides like imidacloprid to control vector populations.

10. Pokkah Boeng

Treatment Method: Apply fungicides through the vacuum device.
Procedure: Use the vacuum to ensure thorough penetration of fungicides into the setts.
Chemicals: Fungicides like carbendazim can be used.

By using a cleantek sugarcane bud treatment device, farmers can significantly improve the health and productivity of their sugarcane crops, leading to better overall performance and profitability.


Motor Power



Power Input Voltage

Buds Treating Per Hour



1 Hp

Stainless Steel 304


230 V / 50 Hz

6000 - 8000 Nos


Sugarcane Seed Treatment Device
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