Wet Scrubber for Fume Filtration

Wet Scrubber for Fume Filtration:

CLEANTEK manufacturing Wet Scrubber for fume Filtration for Paint Booth and Foundry Applications.

Wet Scrubber for Fume Filtration
Wets Scrubbing process for Fume Neutralization

During Industrial process lot of micro dust and Fumes are generated and it is harmful for workers and affect pollution of the atmosphere. Cleantek manufacturing special purpose wet scrubber in compact size and extract the micro dust and fumes. Out multistage filtration system neutralize and filters 99 % Harmful gases. 

Fume Filtration:

  • Our wet scrubber used to filter the dust particles and control the smell and odor in chimneys. Cleantek manufacturing custom made products like ESP Filter, Exhaust Fume Filtration, Air Filtration Systems etc…

Wet Scrubber Features:

  • High efficiency
  • Easy To maintain
  • Compact in Size
  • Corrode resistance Construction

Wet Scrubber Applications:

  • Its remove particulate matter, fume & emissions of harmful industrial gases from industrial process

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