CLEANTEK design and manufacturing Industrial vacuum cleaner,Industrial floor cleaning Equipment,Air Pollution Control Equipment, Ring Blowers, Centrifugal air Blower, Edge trim removal system, Explosion proof vacuum cleaner ,Pneumatic operated vacuum cleaners,Submerged arc welding flux recovery unit,Oil sump cleaner,Dust Collectors, and dust control equipment, Air Knife, Welding Fume Extractors, Downdraft table, Air Blower , paint Booth etc…


Dry paint Booth

Edge Trim suction 

Buffing Dust Collector

Oil Sump Cleaner

Wet Paint Booth

Plastic granule conveying

Air knife Blowoff Cleantek

Aquaculture Air Blower

Scrubber Drier Floor Cleaning Cleantek

Welding Fume Extractor Cleantek

Wood Dust Collector Manufacturers

Cleantek Mfg Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaner cleantek

Ring Blowers,Paint Booth,Oil Mist Collector


Powder Conveying –      CLEANTEK                    

Cleantek welding fume extractor

Cleantek DownDraft Table Dust Extractor



Ring blower air agitation in electroplating

Downdraft Table Grinding Cleantek

Car Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner:


Sweating Free Cool PPE KIT:

Dry Paint Booth:

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Roof Cleaning Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:

Textile Vacuum cleaner:

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