vegetable washing blower aeration

Vegetable Washing Blower:

Cleantek manufacturing vegetable washing blower system for fruits and vegetable washing machines. High pressure air produced with our side channel blower. Air agitation can be used as a part of the vegetable washing process, but it is not typically used as the sole method of cleaning vegetables. Air agitation can be used to help loosen dirt, debris, and other particles from the surface of vegetables, making it easier for other cleaning methods, such as washing with water, to remove them.

Our high pressure blower produce air bubbles makes agitation and it remove dust and foreign particle from the vegetables. Due to this high pressure air bubbles dust and muds cleaned from the vegetables. Similarly cleantek blowers are used to wash the vegetables, fruits, seafood, edible fungus, herbal medicine, food packaging’s etc. We are the vegetable washing blower manufacturers in Coimbatore and supply to Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa , Indore and various parts of India.

Aeration Blower
Blower for Aeration in Aquaculture and Sewage treatment plant

Cleantek manufacturing air agitation blower for Electroplating process, Metal coating process, Aquaculture , Etc…
Various airflow capacity and pressure ranges available in our blowers. Our Indian made Ring Blower are available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller) configurations.
Cleantek ring blower constructed with CNC machined impeller and it is directly mounted to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction.
The double sealed bearings are outside the air compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability & durability under high differential pressure.

Blower Features:

  • Compact in size
  • Direct drive so high efficiency
  • No maintenance
  • High volume air delivery
  • Inlet filter attached