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Vacuum Cleaner Accessory: JESS

Cleantek manufacturing vacuum cleaner accessory for floor cleaning and industrial cleaning applications.Floor brush, Round Brush, Suction Nozzles, Filter bag etc are some of the models used in our vacuum cleaner.

vacuum cleaning
vacuum cleaner parts and accessories

Floor Brush:

It is used for dry floor cleaning like vacuuming the dust from the floors, machine big surface areas. Bristles available in several types. Contact us to suit your application.Our technical team suggest the proper model floor brush for your cleaning needs. Also it is suitable for vacuuming in various surfaces like cement floor, marble, vinyl, tile, hardwood and laminate flooring etc.. Floor brush images

Round Brush:

This round brush used to clean the small product surface like sofa cleaning, small machinery cleaning etc…

Filter Bag:

Cleantek manufacturing filter bag in various design and sizes.It is the main part of Industrial vacuum cleaner and made up of cotton or non woven or paper.


We produce suction nozzles in stainless steel, plastic, mild steel to suck the metal debris, dust, liquid etc…