Turbine blower Manufacturers

By admin / on May 28, 2020

We are the Turbine Blower Manufacturers in Coimbatore, India for fish pond aeration,pond air supply applications. Blower consist of copper winded motor attached with die cast aluminium impeller fan.

Turbine blower model produce high volume of air and pressure due to high rpm. Direct drive Motor connected with blower unit ensure high efficiency.

Inlet and outlet are connected noise control muffler to reduce the noise level due to high rpm of impeller fan.

We make blower in single stage and double stage model. Single stage model attached with single impeller fan which deliver high volume of air air and low pressure.

Double stage blower have two impeller fan which deliver air in high pressure level and low volume air.

Both three phase and single phase power supply options available in some models. We make Special kind of belt drive blower for fuel engine drive applications.

Turbine Blower used for continuous air supply in fish farms, vegetable washer machines, aeration in biofloc plants.