Paint Booth for paint dust extraction and filtration

Spray Paint Booth:

We are the spray paint booth manufacturers in Coimbatore , India.We design and developed various size and technology based dry paint booth and wet paint booth to extract the paint fume.

Spraying paint may involve fire risk from both solvent and overspray deposits. A spray booth is essential to dispose off both.
The air exhausted from the paint shop must be clean of paint dust as much possible. Only an efficient spray booth will ensure this and prevent air pollution from the surrounding atmosphere.
To remove dry-over spray effectively, thus eliminating its settling on wet painted components. Cleantek Dry type spray booth is an enclosed workstation designed for the capture of aerosol and spray paint overspray and fine mist fumes.
The system filters overspray using a paint arrestance prefilter and exhausts harmful VOC fumes outside to protect operators.
Dry type models used in Common applications included Pumps, motors, valves, gear boxes, toys mfg, manufacturing coatings and other airborne fume applications.

It is advised to paint with good ventilation paint booth to make sure the circulation of fresh air also wear the masks while painting or around the areas being painted.

In all industry maintaining a clean workplace may help keep work members safe, healthy and efficient.
So clean workplace is most important. Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for employers to reduce their workers
accident issues and increase employee skills efficiency.

Reduced Operating Cost.
Simplest way for protecting your work environment from hazardous paint mist.
Safety of your employees.
It Help maintain the air in your shop clean.
Spray booths help to stop accidental overspray that could result in any fire or explosion.
Increased productivity.

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