Ring Blower for Air agitation and air leak testing

Aeration Ring blower:

The Cleantek aeration Ring blower is a non-positive displacement, high volume, low pressure blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vacuum pump. It is also known by other names such as: regenerative blower, Turbine Blower, vortex blower and side-channel blower.

The blower consists of an die cast impeller mounted directly on a motor shaft and is rotated at a high speed, about 2880 RPM. On the periphery of the impeller is a large number of radial blades. The impeller is positioned between two end plates with the blades located with a channel on either side.

As the die cast impeller rotate and the blades pass the inlet port, a low pressure area is created that draws in air or other gases. The impeller blades impart motion to the air by centrifugal force, throwing it outward and forward, where it follows the contour of the side-channel and is returned to the base, or root, of the impeller. This action is repeated many times, creating a vortex. Each “regeneration” causes the air to gain pressure until it reaches the portion of the housing where the air is stripped from the impeller and discharged from the blower.

Cleantek manufacturing air agitation blower for Electroplating process, Metal coating process, Aquaculture , Etc… Various airflow capacity and pressure ranges available in our blowers.

Ring Blower are available in single stage (one impeller), double stage (two impeller) configurations. The impeller is directly mounted to the motor shaft, providing powerful force without undue friction. The bearings are outside the air compression chamber, ensuring maximum operational reliability & durability under high differential pressure.

Cleantek Manufacturing turbine blower in various airflow and pressure capacity.

This Turbine / ring blower available is 2 different designs.

  1. Single stage Turbine Blower
  2. Double Stage Ring Blower

Our Turbine Blower models available in 45 cmh to 1500 cmh airflow capacity.


  1. STP & ETP air supply
  2. Any air agitation
  3. Ballon & Gloves testing
  4. Printing
  5. Spa Air Supply
  6. Methane Air supply etc…

The high pressure ring Blowers are widely used on : Pneumatic conveying systems / Sewage Treatment plant / Textile machines / Printing machines / PCB process / Dust collection / Fish ponds
/ SPA / Dental suction devices / Paper sorting and delivery / Lifting and holding / Packaging machines etc…

Manufactured with excellent features on mechanic strength and,durability,light weight and smooth exterior.


IP 55 Protection

Low Noise Level

Full Copper winding

IP55 Protection Level

Flame Proof Version / Belt Drive Version available on request