Wet Dust Collector

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Wet Dust Collector:

Cleantek design and Supply Wet Dust Collector suitable for Hazardous Location Dust Collection applications. Some of the metals are explode during the processing like metal  cutting, Deburring, Sanding etc…

The above areas required safe dust collection systems to avoid explosion and Flame spreading etc… Our Integrated wet Scrubber unit neutralized the temperature and Spark during the Processing.


Wet Dust Collector:

We are the Wet Dust Collector manufacturers in India. Cleantek design and supply suitable dust collection system suitable for Hazardous area and explosive nature metal dust Collection Systems. Explosion Proof systems is required for Aluminum metal Grinding, Deburring , Sanding  process etc..  In this process are caution for explosion, fire trap etc.. Cleantek wet dust collector is an wet filtration system used to extract and purify air from suspended solid particles. This system assures air quality of the production environment and the protection from dust for workers.

Best designed air filtration system which is best used in highly explosive, reactive dust such as aluminum and titanium and oil mist applications. This unit effectively separates dust particles by spraying water mist and protect the potential for an explosion. Combustible dust are Neutralized in integrated with wet Scrubber mist unit.

Wet Scrubber Dust Collector
Air Pollution Control Equipment and Wet Scrubber

Applications of Wet Dust Collector:

Wet Dust Collector design custom made and  manufactured as per Clients applications. These models are Essential for Grinding , Deburring, Sanding, Processing, Recycling, Storage and Buffing of Explosive Metal Like Aluminum, Titanium etc… Safe handling of aluminum powder is most important. We make wet downdraft table suitable cutting grinding and grinding of explosive nature metal process. We are the leading dust extractor manufacturers in India to support various dust extraction applications.

Dust control is must for all kind processing industry to safeguard for working worker and machinery from hazardous dust.  CLEANTEK manufacture machines for control air pollution in industries. Our models like unit wet dust extractors, cyclone dust collectors  are attached with wet separators to minimize the spark in our systems. Dust Collection Systems are widely used to increase Productivity and provide a Cleaner Work Environment in manufacturing plants. For that application we design and develop dust Source capture system in different industries for many applications. Some special features of our Industrial Dust Collector like strong suction power, compact size and running in very low noise level. We offer custom made Wet Dust Collector units for OEM clients in stainless steel version.

Wet Dust Collector for ATEX Zone dust extraction
Wet Dust Collector for Explosive Dust Extraction applications


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated Wet Scrubber unit
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Explosion Proof Control panel
  • Compact Size
  • Custom Made Design

Buffing Dust Collector Video:

Benefits of Cleantek Dust Collector:

  • Reliable and long term support
  • Superior Quality
  • High Efficient Operation
  • High Quality Dust Collection systems

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