Paper Trim Removal System

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CLEANTEK design and manufacturing Industrial dust Extraction / Suction equipment since 2006. We are the leading manufacturers of cleaning and pollution control equipment. CLEANTEK manufacturing trim suction system for paper and pulp trim extraction in printing industry. Our high pressure blower develop continuous suction on suction nozzle to suck the continuous trim from machinery.


Paper Trim Removal System:

In Paper Industry, Packaging industry paper trim removal is required to suck the excess paper, packing wrap is coming continuously from their processing machines. This trim to be extracted and collected properly into the container. Otherwise paper trims ,paper dust  spread on the floor and create a polluted atmosphere. Trim suction control the air pollution in work floors. Now-a-days cleaning and hygienic atmosphere is most important for all. Keep clean and safe atmosphere and protection from bacteria, virus.

Edge trim suction
trim suction

To stop the such situation paper trim removal system helps to collect the trims from source capture design.  Cleantek manufacturing venturi operated paper trim suction system suitable for single and bulk trim suction units.

A high pressure blower air is pushed into the venturi unit , so that equal opposite force is developed in other side of the venturi. The suction force is used to suck the paper trim and forced out to the next end. A small venturi principle is involving to force up the sucked paper trims to come out to the collection container.

Cleantek supplied edge trim removal system to packaging products manufacturers like tea packaging products, food powder packaging  etc…


  • Easy trim Handling design
  • High Suction force to extract the Trim waste
  • Avoid unnecessary Hassel to extract the trim waste
  • Automated trim removal system saves money
  • Increased Productivity due to dust free atmosphere
  • Control of Dust due to Closed Dust Collection System threw Filter bags
  • Happy working atmosphere

    Paper Trim Extraction and conveying
    Paper Trim Suction

Industries Served:

  • Packaging Industry
  • Printing Machines
  • Slitting machines
  • Enveloping Machines


Portable System

Stationary models

Central System with multi-point Trim Removal System

Trim cutters

Venturi trim waste handling system

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Trim Extractor Video:


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