Tri Lobe Blower

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Tri Lobe Blower:

Cleantek design and manufacture Tri Lobe Blowers for various applications in industries. We are the leading Tri Lobe Blower manufacturers in India with high quality castings. It operates with two tri-lobe impellers mounted on parallel shafts and rotating in opposite directions for each. This impellers are totally enclosed with heavy duty casing. As the impeller rotate air is sucked into one side and delivered in other side with very high pressure. It is positive displacement blower category.

Twin Lobe Blower Aeration
Tri Lobe Blower


  • High reliability
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • High volume with high air pressure
  • Low maintenance

Blower Applications:

  • Pulp drying
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Central vacuum system
  • Aquaculture feeding and aeration
  • Lime Cement fluidization
  • Sewage treatment Plant
  • Methane gas extraction
  • Parts Cooling & Drying


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