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Soldering Fume Extractor Manufacturers:

Cleantek manufacturing soldering fume Extractor system to filter the hazardous fume from PCB soldering station, various fume generation points.We are presenting a range of Soldering Fume Extractor to avoid diseases like asthma, dizziness, headaches, membrane irritation etc. To maintain healthy workforce in the company, we use Soldering Fume Extractor that is necessary. We provide the best quality Soldering Fume Extractor to the clients as per their specifications. We give timely delivery of Soldering Fume Extractor within pre determined time frame at market leading rates.

CLEANTEK soldering fume purifier is manufactured for heavy duty industrial use to capture the pollution at source. Unit attached with a portable wheels frame to move wherever fume extraction is required. Fume extractor consist of 3 stage filtration with modern filtration system. Filter level indication by digital display in our machine. This System controlled by a control panel operated at 415 V / 50 Hz.


  • Cleantek Mobile soldering Fume Extractor with carbon filter is specially designed for soldering fume filtration applications.
  • Designed to suck more airflow through Suction pipe / hose.
  • Easy to move one place to another place.
  • Suitable for continuous working without any trouble. IE2 and CE approved induction motor for power consumption.
  • High rate of suction airflow by our special designed vacuum unit.
  • 3 stage filtration for high purifying capacity.
  • Digital Electronic panel board for “Filter cleaning stage” warning.
  • Filter is easy to clean.
  • Our soldering Fume Extractor helps to maintain pollution free atmosphere in workshop.

Soldering Fume Extractor:

Cleantek manufacturing Soldering Fume Extractor, Solder Smoke Extraction, Solder Fume Extraction, Soldering Smoke Removal and Custom made centralized Soldering Fume Filtration system. In PCB Soldering process produce fumes that are hazardous to human being and it to be filtered by soldering fume Extractor. Also it is necessary to catch the harmful smoke before reaching workers breathing point and spread in Atmosphere. In addition, using flux containing resin produces solder fumes that, if inhaled, can result in occupational asthma or make existing asthmatic conditions worsen. The fumes can also cause eye and upper respiratory tract irritation for workers.

It is not expected that occasional soldering activities that take place within areas that are well ventilated or have additional local exhaust ventilation will pose an occupational hazard to the employee.

Soldering Fume Extractor
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Centralized Soldering Fume Extractor
Soldering Fume Filtration System


Melted or heated silver and gold can produce fumes – and it’s never a good idea to breathe any fumes or dust created when metal is worked. Over-exposure to silver fumes is unusual, though, because it can permanently change the color of one’s eyes and skin.
Solder fume can contain many of the compounds shown below, of which approximately 99.5% are particles and 0.5% are gases. The design of any filtration system should take these facts into account as these fumes can pose a serious danger to the health of employees who are exposed to them.

Hazardous Gas & Dust :

Solder Smoke Absorber
Compact Size Soldering Fume Extractor
  • Lead oxide, Carbon monoxide
  • V.O.C (volatile organic compounds)
  • Abietic acid & Pimaric acid
  • Aliphatic aldehydes& Hydrochloric acid
  • Isocyanates & Isopropyl alcohol

To Extract the harmful hazardous smoke to be suck and Filter in mandatory to all soldering process.


Industrial Solder fume is one of the top causes of occupational asthma in the workplace. This is caused by respiratory sensitisers, which are substances that when breathed in can trigger an irreversible allergenic reaction in the respiratory system. Once this sensitization reaction has taken place, further exposure to the substance, even the tiniest trace, will produce symptoms.
Once a person is sensitized, continued exposure can result in permanent damage to the lungs and increasingly severe symptoms. Because of this, some people have been unable to return to soldering work for the rest of their lives. Pregnant women should be aware of potential hazards to the fetus from many of the chemicals used in jewel processes and should avoid exposure to metal fumes and dust in particular. Cleantek soldering fume extractor assure safe from above issues.

OSHA standards:

  • “All soldering should be done with local exhaust ventilation”
    “Source capture ventilation, local ventilation, and general mechanical ventilation (With filtration) can provide long term permanent solution”

CLEANTEK Soldering Fume Extractor is manufactured for heavy-duty industrial use to capture the pollution at source. Unit attached with the frame of a portable wheel to move wherever fume extraction is required. Fume extractor consists of 4 stage filtration with a modern electrostatic filtration system. This electrostatic filtration requires periodic cleaning only. The Extractor Features four-stage filtration and purification. System controlled by a control panel operated at 415 V / 50 Hz.
How it works:
Contaminated air is drawn by the suction motor threw the washable stainless steel mesh filter which traps the large dust particles. Then the air pass through fine filter fabric, here fine dust particles are filtered. Remaining air stream pass into the strong electric field (12.5 Kv to 13 Kv) (Ionizing section) where particulate receives an electrical charge. The charged particles then pass into a collector plate section made up of a series of equally spaced parallel plates. Each alternate plate is charged with the same polarity (6 Kv -7Kv) (Collecting section) as the particles, which repel, while attract and collect the contaminants. The contaminants are held in these plates until they are washed away. Further air pass into the gas phase activated carbon filter. Here the toxic gases are absorbed by the activated carbon. Then pure air sent out threw Exhaust line.

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