Single Phase Vacuum Cleaner

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Cleantek Single phase Vacuum Cleaner is used various industries & commercial places cleaning like Small shops, Small Factories, Hotels, Temples etc… It is suitable for intermittent duty applications. Cleantek offers various models in collection & Suction Pressure capacity.



  • Compact in Size
  • High Vacuum Performance
  • Five kind of Various capacity models
  • Custom made Models Available
  • Light Weight
  • Economical Price
  • Both Wet & Dry Application use
  • Easy to Maintenance


Single Phase Vacuum Cleaner:

Cleantek Manufacturing single phase vacuum cleaner for intermittent duty cleaning applications in various industries like software development offices, Malls etc.

How it works ?

Vacuum cleaners work by using a vacuum motor to generate suction to suck up dust,dirt,waste granules from working floors, walls, Machine surfaces. Dust particles are filtered in the dust bag before exhaust. Various kind of accessories are used to clean the industrial floor and machinery surface, parts. Mostly vacuum cleaners are fitted with wheels for easy handling. Centralized vacuum cleaners models are stationary version. It is fitted in floor and connected with suction pipe or ducting.

Vacuum Cleaner for floor cleaning
single phase vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Cleaning Equipment

Cleantek manufacturing this machine in various tank collection capacity. Also we do custom made model in tank capacity and suction power capacity. Powerful compact vacuum motor produce vacuum to suck the fine dust, debris, coolant oil, metal debris, floor cleaning etc…

Machine in compact size and lightweight , so that move anywhere with attached Larger portable rear wheels. Easy to clean the collection tank. Easy to upgrade for Multistage filtration like paper filter and HEPA filter. Various kind of accessories supplied with machine and easy to use.


  • Three Powerful Suction Motors
  • Large Filter Area
  • Compact in Size
  • Portable trolley unit
  • Intelligent Design for applications

Single Phase Vacuum Cleaner Technical Specifications:

SN Description VCW15 VCW30 VCW50 VCW200 VCW300
1 Motor in watts 1000 1200 1200 2000 3000
2 Input Power 230 v / 50 Hz 230 v / 50 Hz 230 v / 50 Hz 230 v / 50 Hz 230 v / 50 Hz
3 Airflow in CMH 179 195 195 381 432
4 Suction in mm of wg 1800 2000 2200 2500 3000
5 Weight in Kgs 13 15 25 30 32

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Video:


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