Paper Trim Collection Systems

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Cleantek manufacturing Paper Trim Removal suction system with High Vacuum Venture unit. This product is very useful in Paper, Printing & packaging Industries. Available in various capacity as per customer requirements.



Paper Trim Collection Systems:

manufacturing trim handling systems, Paper Trim Collection Systems, print waste extraction system suitable to suck the edge trim waste from various production process. Continuous trim waste came from slitting machines, film blowing, paper & paper packaging machines, converting machines to be collected  and transport to away from the production process. Suck and Convey trim, matrix waste and other waste material from converting and printing machines to your desired place through Pipe lines. Single and multi point extraction or suction systems designed as per client requirements.

We produce centralized paper and scrap trim suction system for printing press and packaging industries.

Trim Extractor
Manufacturers of Paper Trim Removal System, Continuous Trim Extraction System, Cut Trim Venturi System

Our high performing trim suction pneumatic conveying systems used in various plastic film making industries, Printing industries, carton making industries etc… Also we offer fume ventilation system for printing & paper related industries.

Trim Suction Blower Working principle:

It is working on venturi effect method by high volume of air passes to venturi unit. In venturi unit have three port are working simultaneously for edge trim suction.

  • Air supply port
  • Edge trim Suction port
  • Edge trim & air ejection port


Paper Trim Extraction and conveying
Paper Trim Suction
Edge trim suction
trim suction

Optimize production capacity

  • Reduced cleaning effort
  • Safer working place
  • Improve profitability
  • Avoid extra labour for cleaning

Application Industries:

  • Printing and paper industries
  • Films and laminates
  • Film packaging industry

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Trim Suction Video:


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