Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers:

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Cleantek manufacturing and supply various models in cyclone Dust Collectors. Please call factory for more information.


Multi Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers:

Cleantek Manufacturing Multi cyclone Dust Collector Graphite dust Collector system to extract the fine Dust from Graphite machining process. Our Integrated Fine dust collector with Cartridge Dust Collector filter the airborne dust upto 3 microns. We are manufacturing Graphite dust Collector system to extract the Dust from Graphite machining with our Integrated Cyclone dust collector.

Cyclone Dust Collector Working principle:

Dusty air enters tangentially into the cyclone chamber separator and due to centrifugal force moves the big dust against the cone wall, out of the airstream, to bottom side storage unit. Air stream with some fine dust come out of the Cyclone top side and it is further connected to the filtration unit. In filtration unit all the fine dust are filtered and pure air is sent out to atmosphere. 

dust collection
we are the Cyclone Dust collector manufacturers in India and supplying our products to all over India, UAE, Sri Lanka etc..

Cleantek designed very fine dust and particulate extraction systems, Pharmaceutical Dust extraction systems, Mobile Dust extraction systems, Flexible Articulated Dust Extraction arm , Grinding Dust Collection system, Baghouse Dust Collector in  304 Grade Stainless steel construction. We are manufacturing Graphite carbon dust Collector system to extract the Dust from Graphite cutting and surface grinding process.

Dust Collection System
Cyclone Dust Collector
Cyclone Dust Collection System
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Our Automatic Self-Cleaning Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector maintain good level of air filtration during dust extraction process in Food & Ingredients, Dairy, Bottled Water, Food packaging application industries etc..

Cleantek Dust collector used to extract the dust from grinding of small articles, painting of small parts, welding and cutting dust, buffing dust, polishing fine powders, sand blasting grit, shot blasting balls, gritting, burr cleaning, abrasive blasting etc…Cleantek ensure a better working environment and higher quality end products for our customers.

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