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Industrial Cleaning:

Industrial cleaning is an essential process in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment. Regular cleaning and maintenance of industrial facilities and equipment can prevent the buildup of dust, debris, and other contaminants that can pose health and safety risks to workers and compromise the integrity of the equipment.

Here are some reasons why industrial cleaning is important:

Vacuum Cleaner for Food and Pharma Industries
Dust Cleaner, Vacuum Cleaner

Health and safety: Industrial cleaning helps to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the workplace environment, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and other health problems for workers. Regular cleaning also helps to prevent slips, trips, and falls, which are a common cause of workplace injuries.

Equipment longevity: Industrial equipment requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it functioning properly. By removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants, industrial cleaning can help to extend the life of equipment and prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

Compliance with regulations: Many industries are required to comply with regulations and standards related to workplace health and safety. Regular industrial cleaning can help companies meet these requirements and avoid fines or other penalties.

Improved productivity: A clean and organized workplace environment can improve worker comfort and productivity. By reducing clutter and distractions, workers can focus more effectively on their tasks and complete them more efficiently.

Carbon Dust Cleaning
Toner dust cleaning

Overall, industrial cleaning is an important process for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment, extending the life of equipment, and improving worker productivity. Companies that invest in regular industrial cleaning and maintenance can benefit from improved worker health and safety, increased productivity, and reduced costs associated with equipment breakdowns and repairs.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers:

CLEANTEK manufacturing latest technology Heavy duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner suitable for industrial floor cleaning and we are the leading Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers in India. 

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a type of cleaning equipment designed for use in heavy-duty industrial and commercial settings. It is used to clean large spaces and surfaces, as well as to remove dry or wet debris, dirt, dust, and other materials. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners are built to handle higher volumes of debris, withstand tougher operating conditions, and provide more suction power.

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaning tool designed for use in industrial environments, such as factories, warehouses, and construction sites. They are typically larger and more powerful than regular vacuum cleaners and are designed to handle larger volumes of dirt, dust, debris, and other materials.

Industrial vacuum cleaners can come in different shapes and sizes, from handheld models to large machines mounted on trucks. They may use various types of filters and collection systems, including cyclonic and bag filters, to handle different types of debris and waste.

In addition to being more powerful, industrial vacuum cleaners may also have other features that make them suitable for specific tasks, such as the ability to collect hazardous materials like chemicals or asbestos.

Cleantek industrial vacuum cleaners are an essential tool for keeping industrial spaces clean and safe. They can help prevent the spread of dust and debris, reduce the risk of accidents, and improve the overall hygiene of the workspace.

Our Industrial vacuum cleaner often come with larger, more powerful motors and HEPA filters, making them suitable for use in environments where air quality and filtration are a concern, such as in clean rooms or workshops. Industrial vacuum cleaners can be handheld, mounted on wheels, or integrated into a central vacuum system, depending on the specific requirements of the application. They are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and other industrial settings where heavy-duty cleaning is needed.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for continuous running and heavy duty cleaning applications. Our machines are 24 hours continues running usages. Our high performance high vacuum Three Phase Dry Vacuum Cleaner is manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials as per the national and international quality standards. Industrial wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner provided by us is highly appreciated for low consumption of electricity and high filtration efficiency.

Available Models:

Three Phase Vacuum Cleaner Advantages:

    • Three Phase Direct Drive Induction motor type Vacuum Unit
    • IP55 type Continuous Running for cleaning usage
    • Made In India
    • Current Overload Control unit
    • Optional Thermal Protection Unit
    • Accessory Basket
    • Custom made Collection Capacity and Filtration System
    • Epoxy Powder Coated with Portable model
    • Integrated True Cyclone Separator System located at the suction intake to enhance suction performance.
    • Detachable Recovery Collection Tank for easy disposal of recovered / collected materials
    • Continuous Duty 3-Phase (TEFC) Explosion Proof or Dust Ignition Proof motor
    • Filter Blockage / Choking Indicator
    • Star Shaped Filter and Manual Filter Shaker
    • Optional Antistatic Filters and Suction Hose
    • Optional HEPA Filter and Filter Cleaning System
    • Quick service and spares support
Carbon Dust Cleaning
Toner dust cleaning

Where it  Is Used ?

  • Factory Floor Cleaning and Industrial walls cleaning
  • Automatic Textile Looms cleaning
  • Textile Spinning and Doubling cleaning
  • Knitting Fabric cleaning
  • Polyester Fabric cleaning
  • Machines and other parts cleaning
  • CNC Oil / water / Liquid cleaning
  • Continuous suction requirements
  • Dust extraction in welding machines, and other process machines Dust Collection.

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