Impeller Fan

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Cleantek design and manufacturing different kind of Impeller Fan as per customer requirements. We are the import Substitute for various kind of Ring Blowers and Centrifugal Air Blowers.


We are supplying following models.


  • Reverse Curve Impeller fan
  • Forward Curve Impeller Fan
  • Radial Type Fan
  • Custom made Models
  • Imported Blower Fans
  • Aluminium Fan
  • Stainless Steel Fan
  • MS Fan
  • Custom Made Fans

Impeller Fan:

Cleantek manufacturing various kind of impeller fan, id fan suitable for all kind of blower design as per clients requirements. It is attached with blower casing and used for air handling purpose like ventilation, Heat air supply, cooling air supply etc.. Room Ventilation, Cool air blowing, Dust Collection and parts drying blowers need high efficiency impeller fan for better performance. We make it in mild steel, stainless steel and anti corrosive coated versions.

Impeller fan for blowers
Impeller fan for blowers


  • High efficiency design
  • Digitally Balanced
  • Long life and economical price

    Ring Blower Impeller Fan
    Impeller Fan
  • Low noise level with sound proof designs
  • No maintenance
  • Custom made model
  • Size range from 250 mm diameter up to 1200 mm diameter.
  • Suitable for both direct drive and Belt drive model

The following formula helps for design the high performance impeller design.

How to make Fan design ?

Centrifugal air Blower Fan
Centrifugal Blower for dust collection, ventilation, parts drying etc.

Fan Power Required (P) = q X p

Pf = Power required by fan impeller W or kW

qv = volumetric flow rate m3/s

pf = fan pressure Pa or kPa

Formula for to find Total Pressure (P T)

P T = P v + P s
P v = Velocity Pressure
P s = Static Pressure

Blower Fan Models:

  • Reverse curve Fan
  • Forward Curve Fan
  • Radial blade Tipped centrifugal fan
  • Multistage model


  • Cement industries air feeding
  • Oil burners in Foundries
  • Fly ash conveying
  • Cotton conveying
  • Air Handling units


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