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CLEANTEK is an ISO 9001 -2015 certified company manufacturing hot air blower for drying machinery parts and hot air blowing applications. Industrial grade heaters are used to develop temperature upto 350 degree hot. Cleantek supplying hot air system in 2 models.


Machine Features:


  • Portable or Stationary Version
  • Airflow from 50 cmh to 7500 Cmh
  • Airflow and Temperature control Options
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Heater & Blower
  • Digitally balanced Impeller fan
  • Maintenance Free & Long Life Heater
  • High volume hot air blower
  • High Pressure Hot air blower



Hot Air Blower:

Cleantek Manufacturing hot air blower for high temperature air supply in small and bigger models as per customer requirements. This Hot Air Blower is used in various parts drying, de-humidification and moisture removing applications. Cleantek electric hot air blowers are used in Curing, Melting, Shrinking, Drying, Warming, Sterilization applications in various industries. Also it can be used for to kill the viruses and bacteria, Because of Temperature of 70° Celsius to 80° Celsius are enough to kill most viruses and germs. Hot forced high temperature air touch the infection area completely kill the germs. We can use this system for hospital floors, walls, Equipment, Vehicle etc.. Our unit used in LPG cylinder water and moisture drying applications.

Hot air blowers are used in coconut fibre industries to drying the coir pith. Removing fiber from coir pith is very difficult due to moisture content of coir. Our hot air blowers are used to dry or evaporate the moisture content in coir industries. Hot air blower also called as Industrial hot air generator due to generating hot air.High temperature air is produced using industrial heater coils and continuously supply hot air as per control setting. We can adjust airflow and temperature as per your requirements. Please contact us for more technical specifications.

Hot air Blower for drying applications
Hot air Generator, Hot Air Blower,

Cleantek manufacture and supply High temperature air used to drying the industrial parts in electronic and printing industries. We design and supply various range of hot air unit for several applications.

Our technical team developed electric dryers for medical powder, metal parts and products drying application in pollution free way. We manufacturing and exporting products with international quality standards to all over India and UAE, Sri Lanka, Australia etc…


  • Product Parts drying by high temperature air
  • Pet Bottle water Drying
  • Products drying after Washing
  • Liquid Blow-off
  • Coating Control
  • Coating Drying
  • Medical tablets drying
  • Hot air blower drying (sterilization) is one method of effectively killing microbes of all kinds, especially bacteria, viruses.
  • Our machines are widely used in packaging industries, Food industries, agriculture related industries, Air dryer manufacturing industries.
  • Hot air Generator for parts drying and heating parts
    Hot air Generator, Hot Ir Blower


  • Continuous Duty & Industrial heater attached version to run continuously
  • Optional Use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing.
  • Portable design to move easily in shop floor
  • Can Generate Temperature upto 180 Degree Celsius
  • Hot air blower attached with high temperature hose to handle the heat air.
  • Heavy duty heat insulation to avoid heat loss
  • Continuous supply of uniform high temperature air
  • Optional inlet air filtration unit
  • Energy Efficiency attached induction motor
  • Adjustable heat (Temperature) output and adjustable air volume.
  • Digital displayed control for air volume and heat output.
  • Integrated temperature probe to maintain the temperature
  • Digital temperature readout display

    Hot Air Blower air supply for parts drying
    Hot Air Blower air supply for parts drying

Hot Air Blower Technical Specifications:

SN Parameters HAB05-18 HAB01-12
1 Motor Power in KW 0.37 0.75
2 Air flow in CMH 550 1100
3 Pressure in mm of wg 50 100
4 Temperature in celsius 140 66
5 Power in put 415 / 50 415 / 50
6 Noise level in dbA 72 76
7 Air outlet size in mm 75 100

Hot Air Blower Application Video:


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