Fume Extraction arm

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Cleantek manufacturing fume extraction arms for  welding process, Laboratory fume suction applications. 


Welder Fume Extraction Arm:

Cleantek manufacturing articulated welder fume extraction arm for fume and mist extraction applications. These arms are used in centralized welding fume extraction and fume exhaust applications. Extraction system self adjusted spring loaded arm in various angle and length of distance. Suction hood is connected in one end of the suction hose. Another side connected with suction air blower or fume filtration system. It is totally enclosed air tight system extract the fume and convey into the next end without any leakage.

Suction arm available in 1 meter, 2 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter length to capture the welding fume efficiently in workshops. It is made in India products and import substitute in various applications. It is easy to fit with wall mounted or ceiling mounted designs. Arm hood available in 75 mm, 100 mm , 125 mm and 150 mm size.

Fume Extraction at Source
Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction Kit:

We are design and develop as per welding fume extraction arm, welding fume extraction units, welding smoke suction ,welding fume extraction ducting, welding fume extraction regulations designs.

Long stationary type centralized piping to collect dust particles and fumes ideally for welding process, Laboratory fume extraction process.. Now a days pollution control board asking welding fume Extraction or exhaust is required for all kind of welding and other kind of welding process.

We design and manufacturing following Type of Suction Arms:

  • Laboratory Fume Extraction Arms
  • Welding Extraction Arm
  • Soldering Extraction Arm

Our fume extraction system also used in vehicle smoke suction from garages and automobile service industry. We are manufacturing vehicle fume exhaust extraction system, vehicle exhaust system for car service industry and heavy truck service industry.

Cleantek Manufacturing ultra dust collection system, machine mist collection, vehicle exhaust removal, welding smoke Air filtration products and industrial air cleaners etc…