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Filter Bag Manufacturers:

We are the quality and reliable  filter bag manufacturers in Coimbatore, India. Cleantek® manufacturing dust collector filter bag, dust collector cloth, Dust Collector filtration ,Bag filtration, dust collector spares, Cartridge filter, Dust bag, industrial dust collector bags in various size and filtration efficiency. We are the leading and reliable filtration products manufacturers in India.

Non woven filter bag for dust filtration
Non woven filter bag

What is Bag Filter?

Filtration device used in dust collectors and various air filtration devices to collect the dust particles and emissions in air. Its capacity is designing based upon the volume of dust to be filtered per hour or minute.

Our filters are cost effective and high filtration efficiency comparing the other suppliers. Bag filters and cartridge filters are used for air, smoke, mist and dust filtration applications and it is support for increase the indoor air quality. Air pollution is very big challenge for developing countries. Air handling units are used filters to extract the dust particles before it recirculate it.We are produce various category products in dry and wet filtration.

Carbon Filters
Dust Filters,catridge Filters, Micro Filters, Bag Filters


  • Pleated Dust collection Cartridge
  • Panel Filter
  • Bag House unit
  • Baghouse Dust Collection Filter
  • Activated carbon Filter
  • HEPA unit
  • ePTFE membrane filtration
  • Electrostatic filtration etc..


  • Manufactured in India
  • Long life and value for money
  • Improved product quality
  • Increased dust collection performance
  • Technical and Service support

Cleantek ® design and produce various air, fume and mist filtration products for industries. Our products are help industries to protect the environment. Some of our products dust collector, fume extractor, wet scrubber, wet dust collector, Gas phase filtration unit are improve the indoor air pollution as well as outdoor exhaust filtration.

We are supplying various size of paint booth filter, paint mist arrestor unit, cassette filters suitable for paint booths.