Dust Cleaner

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Dust Cleaner:

Cleantek manufacturing Dust Cleaner in different models and size. In flour Mills and Food Industries lot of Dust generated and deposited in floor.

Cleantek centralized vacuum cleaner for industry is a type of central vacuum system designed specifically for use in industrial settings. It is a powerful, heavy-duty cleaning solution that provides efficient and effective removal of dust, debris, and other particulate matter from large areas and surfaces. Unlike traditional portable vacuum cleaners, a centralized vacuum cleaner for industry is designed to handle the demanding requirements of industrial environments, including high volumes of debris, exposure to harsh chemicals and temperatures, and the need for continuous operation.

High Performance Centralized vacuum cleaners for industry often feature large, powerful motors, HEPA filters, and other advanced filtration systems to ensure clean air and a high level of air quality. They can be integrated into a building’s existing HVAC system, or they can be standalone units. They can also be configured to handle different debris types and materials, including dry or wet debris, heavy or fine particulate matter, and hazardous or non-hazardous materials.

Cleantek Centralized vacuum cleaners for industry are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, mines, and other industrial settings where heavy-duty cleaning is needed. They offer a convenient and effective solution for maintaining a clean and safe work environment, improving air quality, and reducing the risk of fire and explosion from accumulated dust.

Cleantek commercial central vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaning system that is installed in a building and can be accessed from multiple locations through a network of inlets and hoses. Instead of a small, portable unit, a central vacuum cleaner has a large, central unit that is located in a basement, garage, or utility room, and is connected to inlets throughout the building.

When cleaning is needed, the user connects a hose to an inlet and begins cleaning. The dirt and debris are then sucked through the hose and deposited into the central unit, where they are collected in a dustbin or bag.

Dust Cleaner
Dust Cleaner,Vacuum Cleaner


  • Create Healthier indoor environments
  • Maintain Indoor Air Quality
  • Upgrading Health and Safety Standards
  • Advanced Cleaning Equipment
  • Floor Safety


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