Downdraft Table for Grinding

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Downdraft Table:

Cleantek down draft table is a self contained unit featuring High efficiency cartridge filters which are capable of filtering particle upto 3 microns and its filtering efficiency is rated at 99.9 %. Downdraft table is used in most of industries for grinding dust extraction, Buffing Dust Extraction, Welding dust Extraction etc.. Cleantek Downdraft Table designed for Capturing hazardous and combustible dusts during any kind of grinding, cutting , deburring ,Buffing and product finishing applications.

Dust is deposited in high filtration capacity German made cartridges and it is cleaned by a Automatic pulse jet of compressed air cleaning unit, via a pneumatic timer switch. The dust / Fume / Spark and harmful dust are immediately captured at the filter and pure air returned to the atmosphere.


DownDraft Table:

This stationary, self-contained downdraft table collects all dust, smoke and fume directly through the perforated table top.The fume dust extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and fume, dust filter unit. The large work surface perforated tables allows for effective work during welding and grinding with low to medium levels of smoke and dust. The extraction unit with consists of high volume continuous duty suction unit and 3 stage filtration unit. Metal filters and cartridge filters are reusable and carbon filters are disposable and replaceable.

Benchtop Downdraft Table Dust Collector for grinding dust collection
Benchtop Downdraft Table Dust Collector for grinding dust collection

Downdraft Table Working Principle:

This unit is contain with high volume suction blower with Cartridge filters. Filters are connected with automatic Filter Cleaning System controlled by Programmable control panel Unit. During working of the suction blower extract the air from the enclosed workspace threw the High Efficient cartridge filters. During grinding or other processing the dust is sucked and filtered in the filters and further air passed threw the blower and silencer. Please visit video page for working of downdraft table.

Welding Table
Welding Table, Dust Collection Table, Fume Extractor,


  • High such performance of dust extraction
  • Heavy duty construction to handle the heavier job items.
  • Keeping safer work environment and control air pollution
  • Energy efficient motor to save electricity
  • Improved productivity

Dust Collector Working Video:


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