DownDraft Dust Collector Table

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DownDraft Dust Collector Table:

CLEANTEK design and manufacturing DownDraft Dust Collector Table for Grinding, Sandering, Buffing and various dust extraction applications. Industrial Downdraft Dust Collector worktables with built-in ventilation and automatic self-cleaning filter technology to help you safely capture smoke, fumes,debris and dusts. These Downdraft Tables are powered by 415 V / 50 Hz three-phase power and can be customized to as per your needs.


The down draft table is a self-contained unit featuring High efficiency cartridge filters which are capable of filtering particle upto 3 microns and its filtering efficiency is rated at 99.9 %. Deposited dust cleaning of the cartridges is done by a Automatic pulse jet of compressed air, via a pneumatic timer switch. The dust / Fume / Spark and harmful dust are immediately captured at the filter and pure air returned to the atmosphere.
This stationary, self-contained downdraft dust collector table collects all dust, smoke and fume directly through the perforated table top. The fume dust extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and fume, dust filter unit. The large work surface perforated tables allows for effective work during welding and grinding with low to medium levels of smoke and dust. The extraction unit with consists of high volume continuous duty suction unit and 3 stage filtration unit. Metal filters and cartridge filters are reusable and carbon filters are disposable and replaceable.



DownDraft Dust Collector Table:

            Cleantek Design and manufacturing various models in Downdraft Dust Collector table unit. It is used to extract the dust from Grinding ,Deburring, Buffing, Glass Grinding, Rubber Grinding, Plastic Cutting, Metal Cutting , Welding cutting etc…

This unit is base design to extract the  welding fumes, dust in automobile manufacturing process. We are making various model downdraft dust collection machine, downdraft workbench, mini downdraft table,benchtop downdraft table in high quality. This machine working with dust source capture technology to suck the dust from various industrial working process.

            OSHA determined that Source Capture ventilation systems are preferred to dilution ventilation of welding fumes. Source Capture Ventilation, Local Ventilation, and general mechanical ventilation (With filtration) can provide long term permanent solution.

What is downdraft table :

Downdraft table is dust suction device and it is used for suck the dust, debris, fume from manufacturing process.

High volume of air sucked from the top of the Downdraft Dust Collector table threw the filters. Multistage filters stop and filter the spark, fine dust, fume dust  from the air stream.

Filters are cleaned automatic by air pulse cleaning device and it keep constant airflow suction in tabletop. During grinding buffing and polishing dust is captured from top side and filtered  and pure air is sent out threw the noise controlled silencer are making compact size portable model with high suction airflow capacity.

Downdraft Workbench Dust collector for cutting and grinding dust collection
Downdraft Workbench Dust collector, grinding dust collection


Grinding dust collection
Downdraft Dust Collector Table
  • Energy Efficient IE2 Induction motor mounted version.
  • IP55 Protection motor with copper winding
  • Digitally balanced Impeller Fan mounted high airflow suction unit.
  • Minimized fire risk due to effective spark arrester.
  • Downdraft extraction throughout the whole working area.
  • Large working area of 1350 x 1000 X 1200 mm (L X W X H).
  • Large, robust material support with epoxy powder coated model.
  • Activated carbon filter for fume Filtration
  • Additional compressor tank for automatic pulse cleaning system.
  • Maintenance door allows easy filter change.
  • Low Noise Level
  • Three phase electrical control panel with digital timer controller
  • Welding Gun Holder provisions.
  • Welding table top side attached with removable partition on three sides.
  • Tool box with locking arrangement.
  • Set of accessories and clamps, locking tools


  • Sanding station for wood and glass sanding

    Benchtop Downdraft Table Dust Collector for grinding dust collection
    Benchtop Downdraft Table Dust Collector for grinding dust collection
  • Deburring table for Valves Industry
  • Manual Grinding and cutting application

Downdraft Table Technical Specifications:

SN Parameters DDT300 DDT500
1 Motor Power in kw 2.2 3.7
2 Airflow in CMH 5500 8500
3 Pressure in mm of wg 150 200
4 Material of Construction MS Epoxy powder coated MS Epoxy powder coated
5 Filter Cartridge filter Cartridge filter
6 Filter Capacity 3 Micron 3 Micron
7 Spark Arrester Attached Attached
8 Filter cleaning Compressed air assisted automatic pulse cleaning system Compressed air assisted automatic pulse cleaning system
9 Electrical control PLC based with filter chocking indicator PLC based with filter chocking indicator
10 Table size in mm 1000 X 700 X 1500 2000 x 700 x 1500

Downdraft Table Dust Collection Video:


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