Double Stage Ring Blower

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Double Stage Ring Blower:

CLEANTEK manufacturing latest Technology Double Stage Ring Blower and it is contains double impeller fan attached directly with Motor Shaft. Double impeller fan design to increase the delivery pressure and other parameters. To achieve high efficiency of blower impeller Fan is directly fitted on the drive motor. This ring blower available in regular IE2, IE3, IP55 protection, Belt drive and IP65 Explosion proof versions. Cleantek double stage blowers are used in Waster water Aeration Applications. Blowers are most suitable for various running conditions and atmosphere.

Double Stage Ring Blower for Aeration
Double Stage Ring Blower for Aeration and Air Agitation in Electroplating and Sewage Treatment Plant

Ring Blower Technical Specifications:

Ring Blower Technical Specifications
Ring Blower Technical Specifications

Three Phase Double Stage Side Channel Blower:

Blower are Integrated in following products:

  • Blower for Garments
  • Blower for Waste water Treatment
  • Blower for Material Conveying
  • Blower for Printing machine
  • Dental Suction machinery
  • Aquaculture – Fish and Prawn pond Aeration & Bio floc Fish Pond Aeration
  • Waste water treatment, sewage treatment system.
  • Pneumatic conveying systems – Powders and Granules Conveying
  • Pharmaceutical machinery – Excess Powder Suction
  • Garment machinery – Blowing and Hold Down Process
  • Woodworking machinery – Wood Panel Hold
  • Plastic machinery – Plastic Granule conveying

Working of Ring Blowers Design:

This blower is an compact and direct driven model used in various suction and pressure applications. It is produced in single impeller fan and double impeller fan design to increase the delivery pressure.To achieve high efficiency electric motor and blower impeller is directly fitted. This ring blower available in regular IE2, IP55 protection,Belt drive and IP65 Explosion proof versions. This blower called in various names like side channel blower, vortex blower, Turbine blower etc.

Blower Applications:

Flue gas handling, natural gas boosting, Dust collection, hazardous material collection, Industrial Vacuum cleaning, Fish Tank Aeration, Water water Treatment, high-velocity dust collection, Cleanroom dust collection and cleaning, Electro Plating tank agitation, Combustion air blowers etc..


Ring Blower Video:


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