Deburring Dust Collector

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Deburring Dust Collector:
In all industry maintaining a clean workplace may help keep workers in safe, healthy and efficient manner.
So clean workplace is most important. Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for employers to reduce their workers
accident issues, Improve productivity and increase employee skills. Deburring dust collector table is used to extract the dust and fumes during grinding, welding and cutting process.


Why Deburring Dust Collector:


  • Dust inhaling is dangerous to Health.
  • Maintaining a clean Atmosphere in Workplace is Essential for Workers Health.
  • Hot Grinding Dust may damage workers Eyes and Parts of Body.

Heavy Spark also Dangerous in Workplace.

Protect Your Worker from Dangerous Airborne Dust Particles and Fumes

Excellent Design for Grinding & Sanding Dust Extraction Applications


Deburring Dust Collector:

Cleantek manufacturing Deburring Dust Collector, Downdraft Dust Collector for grinding and deburring process. During all kind of cutting and grinding process need extraction system because dust and fumes dangerous to the workers health. This process Generate spark, dust & fume and our machine is extract and filter it. Further it is deliver pure air to the same atmosphere without affect pollution.

This stationary, self-contained downdraft table collects all dust, smoke and fume directly through the perforated table top.
The fume dust extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and fume, dust cartridge filter unit.

A special kind of fume extraction downdraft tables designed and manufactured by CLEANTEK are used in laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines. During sheet metal cutting process the fumes and dusts that are suctioned from special ducting design.

Used as a working table for polishing process and grinding process. We make custom made compact size small workbench with high volume airflow. Some models designed for bottom, Front and side suction provisions for complete dust control.

Tabletop Dust Collection
Tabletop Dust Collector, Mini Dust Collector, Industrial Dust Collector, Downdraft Bench
Downdraft Table Dust Collection
Welding table, Fume Extraction table, Dust Collector Table

Downdraft Dust Collection Table Advantages:

  • High Suction performance to extract the Dust, Fume and sparks
  • We will design and supply Custom Made Working Table size as per client requirements
  • German made filter media with auto filter cleaning system
  • Imported high quality Japan made Pulse cleaning Valves for trouble free operations
  • Energy Efficient IE2 Crompton Greaves Motor
  • Easy Operating Control Panel
  • Bight LED lights for clear lighting inside the working table
  • More life for Branded powder coated version
  • Accessories Basket and Tools Holder Options
  • Optional Door Opening System
  • Multi Operators working Work table

Application Industry:

  • Valves and parts grinding in Foundries
  • Parts Grinding in Automobile industry
  • Plastic parts cleaning in Injection Molding
  • Solar Parts grinding and various Dust Extraction Process
  • Polishing dust collection
  • Used in various welding process for Dust and Fume Extraction etc..

More Information about Downdraft Dust Collector 

Downdraft Table Dust Collector Video:


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