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Cleantek manufacturing various capacity of Cyclone attached pulse jet Dust collector for Heavy dust and debris extraction applications. Cyclone is a Mechanical separator using centrifugal force to separate large volume of dust /debris and fine dust.




Cyclone Dust Collector:

We are the Cyclone Dust Collector manufacturers and it is used to extract the heavy dust extraction and high volume dust collection purpose. Unit consist of cyclone separator with filtration unit with suction blower.

Cyclone Working Principle:

Cleantek Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collector working in various industries to extract the bulk dust. Our Cyclone dust collector working in centrifugal force Principle. During inside cyclone action Heavy parts are  Separated from air stream and collected in bottom side collection Tank. Excess fine dust are go to the Filtration unit. Here fine dust is filtered and pure air is sent outside atmosphere. This filters are called cartridge filters having more filtration area for maintaining the sufficient airflow. Dust collect consist of 4 to 6 pair of Filters depends upon the Filtration Requirement and Quantity of dust loaded. This Filters are cleaned by automatic pulse cleaning system Fitted in this dust collector. Cleantek Manufacturing various models in cyclone Pulse Jet Dust Collector, compact dust collector as per clients requirements.

Cyclone Dust Collection System
Cyclone Dust Collector, Best Cyclone Dust Collector, 

Our Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collector maintain good level of air filtration in Food & Ingredients, Dairy, Bottled Water, Food packaging application industries etc..

Dust Collection System
Cyclone Dust Collector

Technical Specifications:

SN Description UDC1000CY UDC1500CY
1 Motor Power in Kw 7.5 12.5
2 RPM 2880 2880
3 Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
4 Voltage / Frequency 415 / 50 Three Phase
5 Air flow in CFM 5002 7504
6 Filtration stage 3 stage 3 stage
7 Noise Level in dbA 75 78
8 Wet scrubber Optional Optional
9 Construction Mild steel powder coated Steel Epoxy powder coated


  • Strong suction power
  • Optional Rotary valve attachment for continuous dust collection
  • Efficient cyclone separator design for big dust collection
  • Largest filtration area threw last longer cartridge filter
  • Integrated self cleaning by automatic pulse cleaning device
  • Energy efficient motor
  • Durable Construction
  • Filter access doors for easy maintenance
  • Digital displayed control panel
  • Silencer for noiseless operation
  • Capable for high dust load conditions and high temperature dust load
  • Suitable for high volume dust collection in industrial process
  • Good value for your money


  • Longer Filter Life
  • Reduced cleaning interval
  • Efficient method for bulk volume material recovery

Cyclone Dust Collector Videos:


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