Centralized Dust Collection System

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Centralized Dust Collection System:

Cleantek design and manufacturing big ducting and Centralized Dust Collection System, Dust Collectors to suck the dust from various machines. In Food Industry, wood working industry , furniture making industry , Chemical powder industry using lot of machinery and it exhaust very fine dust .  These fine dust are collected threw the suction ducting and collected in centralized Filtration System.

Centralized Dust Collection System
Centralized Dust Collection System, Multi Point Dust Collector

Cleantek making design ducting and scientific dust collectors to suck the dust. Each machinery connected with suction ducting to the centralized Collection and Filtration System. Central Filtration system handle large quantity of dust and produce higher velocity to extract the dust from multi points and from long distance.Cleantek design and manufacturing big ducting and centralized Filtration system to suck the dust from various machines. In woodworking industry or furniture making industry using lot of machinery. This machinery involves to making the furniture and woodworking products in good finish and attractive design .

Dust Collector Video:

Our Dust Collecting Machine is used in Plastic injection molding grinding Dust Extraction, Graphite Dust Extraction, Tablet Packing Dust Extraction, etc…High volume of air is used to extract the dust from the process. Our Dust Filtration process include Primary cyclone separator with Multiple Cartridge filter. Effective shaking mechanism or Automatic pulsejet cleaning is used to clean the filter to maintain the airflow inside the dust collecting machine.

Cleantek Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collector supplied complete digitally balanced impeller fan and continuous duty IE2 / IE3 / IE4  induction motor. Filters are cleaned by manual filter shaker or automatic filter cleaning system. We design and produce dust collection device, Mechanical Engineering dust Extraction & particulate extraction systems suitable for all kind of dust capture, chips collection process.

Dust collector manufacturer:

We are the Dust collector manufacturers and its used to extract the grinding of small articles, painting of small parts, welding and cutting dust etc. Cleantek manufacturing Mobile Dust Collector in various collection capacity and designs. Dust Collector Machine is used to extract the dust particles from the various machining process. Portable Dust Collector with suction arm to extract the dust from various production Process.


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