Axial Fan Blower

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Cleantek Manufacturing axial fans suitable for various fume & air Exhaust applications. It is also called as Tube Axial Fan / Air Circulators / Personnel Coolers etc..


Axial Fan Blower:

Cleantek manufacturing industrial Axial Fan Blower in various applications. These models have high volume air capacity and less pressure. Our High performance and efficient Axial fan draws the air and blows forward to fan axis direction. This kind of fan is generate more air volume with less pressure.  Diecast alloy Axial Fan Blower  mostly used in following applications and manufactured with four or six blades and diameters upto 4 feet length depends upon the usage. Cleantek design and supply custom made axial fan blowers in various size @air volume. Cleantek produce ATEX motor attached axial fans and Belt drive Fans. Also we do ducting for axial fan ventilation. Fans are designed highest industrial standard and made with Stainless steel , Mild Steel etc… as per application. 

Axial Blower Fan ventilation
Fresh air supply and fume exhaust axial fan blower

Our Quality control team assure the highest quality raw material and  maximum airflow volume, air pressure. Cleantek team have 25 Years in depth knowledge and experience in blower manufacturing  and servicing. 

  • Auditorium ventilation and air supply
  • Factory ventilation
  • Man cooler
  • Fume Extraction and Exhaust
  • Kitchen Fume Exhaust
  • Smoke Extraction and ventilation 
  • General ventilation in warehouse, Factory  
  • Parts cooling
  • Dangerous fume Exhaust  & Paint booth Fume Exhaust
  • Parts drying and welding fume exhaust
  • Cooling tower
  • Textile mill humidification
  • Mine ventilation
  • Corrosive Fume Extraction
  • Cabinet Cooling

    Axial fan for ventilation
    Axial fan for ventilation and fume exhaust

Axial Blower Technical Specifications:

  • Airflow upto 20,000 cubic meter per Hour
  • Static Pressure upto 50 mm of WG
  • Overall size from Día 300 mm to 900 mm 
  • Mild steel powder coated, Stainless steel Version 

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